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White Bay, BVIWhite Bay, Jost Van Dyke – Image courtesy of alphayachting.com

Introducing the British Virgin Islands

Once the hideout of buccaneers and pirates, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) offers honeymoon couples unspoiled white-sand beaches for sunbathing, clear turquoise waters for snorkelling, offshore reefs, walls and wrecks for diving, as well as numerous hidden coves, uninhabited cays and islets that combine with gentle sea breezes to make BVI a sailor’s paradise.

The 50-odd islands of this British Crown Colony offer a very laid-back lifestyle – perfect for a relaxing honeymoon holiday – that is in stark contrast to the crowds, casinos and mega-tourism resorts of nearby St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (just 15 minutes away by air and 45 minutes by ferry).

What to do and see in BVI

Explore the lush, forest-clad, mountainous island of Tortola and the neighbouring islands of Virgin Gorda, Peter Island and Anegada.

Hoist the mainsail and explore some of the BVI's 50-odd, mainly uninhabited islands and cays. Calm waters, gentle trade winds and numerous uninhabited islands make the BVI a world-class sailing destination.

Charter a yacht and sail away on your own or hire a skipper, cook and crew. Drop anchor at the uninhabited Norman Island – the legendary inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island – and one of the best spots for snorkelling in the BVI.


The main island of Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Islands and was once a favourite haunt of Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard the Pirate). The northern coast is edged with palm-fringed white-sand beaches, while the southern coast is characterised by rugged mountain peaks.

Renowned as the yacht charter capital of the Caribbean, Tortola also offers a range of fun activities for the entire family.

Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery and hike or horseback ride through lush rainforest to the 532m-high summit of Sage Mountain National Park for a relaxing picnic and spectacular views.

Climb to the top of Skyworld for a 360-degree view of the surrounding islands and cays – stay for lunch or return for a candlelit diner. Scuba dive the 1867 shipwreck of the HMS Rhone, featured in the 1977 movie The Deep and rated as one of the world’s finest shipwreck dives.

Road Town

The capital of BVI offers a yacht-filled harbour surrounded by lush green mountains.

Explore narrow streets lined with brightly painted homes, restaurants and shops and browse for local spices, jams, rums, soaps, perfume, handcrafted jewellery, silk screened fabric and local art along Main Street, Wickham's Cay or at the Crafts Alive Market on the waterfront.

Virgin Gorda

The second-largest island in BVI, hike a network of trails that crisscross the Virgin Gorda Peak National Park, admiring local fauna and flora along the way.

Climb up to Gorda Peak (417m), the highest spot on the island, and be rewarded with sweeping views across the archipelago.

Then cool off with a refreshing dip in the sea and snorkel among the huge nature-sculpted granite boulders of The Baths, which indent the coves and shoreline of the southwest coast.

Virgin Gorda (or Fat Virgin) was so-named by Christopher Columbus in 1493 because he believed the island’s mountain looked like an extended stomach.

Anegada Island

Play Robinson Crusoe on a day trip to the gorgeous white-sand beaches of remote Anegada Island or stay longer at a choice of accommodation options.

This small 38sq km island stands only 8.2m above sea level and is notorious for its rugged and treacherous offshore coral shelf, where more than 300 ships have sunk.

Dive among rainbow-hued tropical fish in the reef-protected waters, within walking distance of the shore.

BVI Accommodation

BVI offers a wide choice of honeymoon accommodation options. For the most exclusive resorts, head to Virgin Gorda and Peter Island.

On Virgin Gorda: discover the 5-star luxury at Biras Creek Resort, a classy, private hideaway only accessible by boat; enjoy the lively Bitter End Yacht Club, which boasts the BVI’s best sailing and diving complex and faces an unspoiled and secluded deep-water harbour; or unwind in comfort at the luxurious and spacious Katitche Point Greathouse overlooking Mahoe Bay.

On Peter Island, try Peter Islands Resort & Spa, an exclusive resort surrounded by tropical gardens facing one of the best beaches in the world – Deadman's Beach.

On Tortola, try The Sugar Mill, a secluded hillside cottage colony facing a white-sand beach, or opt for Tortola Beachfront Villa & Suites Hotel, which nestles in a small palm grove facing a gorgeous beach.

On Anegada, try Anegada Seaside Villas, set in front of a long stretch of pristine white sand.

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travellers have to say about hotels and resorts in BVI at TripAdvisor.

Best time to visit BVI

Anytime is good for a romantic honeymoon getaway in the British Virgin Islands, but avoiding late May to early November – the hurricane season – may be a good idea.

With a subtropical climate cooled by gentle trade winds, temperatures average 28°C (82°F) in the summer months of May to October and around 25°C (76°F) in the winter months of November to April.

Getting to BVI

The main island of Tortola is located 6kn northeast of the US Virgin Islands and 97km east of Puerto Rico. Virgin Gorda is situated 19km east of Tortola and 41km east of St Thomas. Anegada, the most northerly of the Virgins, lies 48km east of Tortola.

There is no non-stop air service from North America or Europe to any of the British Virgin Islands, but you can make easy connections to Tortola from St Thomas, St Croix or San Juan in Puerto Rico.

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