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Breakas Beach Resort VanuatuPango Bay, Port Vila – Image courtesy of Breakas Beach Resort

Introducing Vanuatu

Consider Vanuatu for a relaxing honeymoon or romantic getaway holiday. With its unique blend of stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, friendly tribal communities and chic, boutique resorts that sit on pristine white-sand beaches, Vanuatu offers couples an unspoiled and magical honeymoon destination.

Once known as the New Hebrides Islands, Vanuatu is spread across 83 islands, 68 of which are uninhabited.

What to do and see in Vanuatu

The islands of Tanna, Espiritu Santo, Pentecost and Efate boasts a good choice of luxury 5-star accommodation for honeymoon couples, as well as secluded resorts located on small, idyllic coral atolls surrounded by stunning aquamarine waters.

Here, you can either laze on the beach just a short walk away from a range of creature comforts dedicated to spoil honeymoon couples or choose from a variety of outdoor activities.

Dig your toes into powder-white sand, kayak the calm lagoon, go deep sea fishing for blue marlin, dive on one of the world’s most famous wrecks, marvel at the volcanic display of Mount Yasur, watch ancient tribal festivals and meet kastom villagers wearing only nambas (penis sheaths) and grass skirts – for a rather different honeymoon experience.

Espiritu Santo Island, Vanuatu

The lush island of Espiritu Santo – Spanish for ‘the Holy Spirit’ and more commonly known as Santo – offers the adventurous honeymoon couple a playground of hiking, swimming, world-class diving and snorkelling.

Step into the past at Santo’s tribal kastom villages; hike into the pristine lowland forests of the Loru and the Vatthe Conservation Area; dive the magnificent WWII wreck of the USS President Coolidge; swim in a crystal-clear ‘blue hole’; admire the stalactites and stalagmites at Millenium Cave; and climb Mt Tabwemasana, one of Vanuatu’s highest peaks.

Or relax on one of many picture-perfect, palm-fringed white-sand beaches that fringe Vanuatu’s largest island that is home to numerous honeymoon resorts.

Efate Island, Vanuatu

Discover a rich Melanesian culture and relaxed tropical island lifestyle along with multicultural cuisine, world-class diving and awesome game fishing; as well as a choice of secluded beaches and idyllic offshore islands boasting romantic honeymoon accommodations.

Sunbathe on the beach, swim, snorkel or dive, jet-ski or kayak the tranquil lagoon; try abseiling and parasailing; hike to the beautiful Mele Cascades; or sip a cool drink in bustling Port Vila while people-watching the friendly locals.

Vanuatu’s hilly capital rises from a horseshoe-shaped bay and hosts an array of quaint little back streets crowded with restaurants, museums and shops where you can easily pick up an interesting memento of your honeymoon.

Tanna Island, Vanuatu

This beautiful island is renowned for its lush, unspoiled rainforests, traditional villages, ancient ceremonies, a giant banyan tree (the world’s largest living organism) and fuming Mt Yasur – the world’s most accessible active volcano.

Here you can horseback ride or hike across grassy plains and through pristine rainforest, stand under tumbling cascades, plunge into deep blue swimming holes, surf large waves, snorkel or dive rich coral reefs, watch ancient festivals and meet kastom villagers wearing only nambas (penis sheaths) and grass skirts – just perfect for the adventurous and active honeymoon couple.

Or just laze on a pristine, palm-fringed white-sand beach and watch the sunset while sipping your favourite cocktail.

Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

Pentecost is world famous for the extraordinary land diving ceremony – the death-defying naghol (a ritual leap). For an amazing honeymoon experience watch as local men tie vines to their ankles and leap head first from a 30m tower. Performed during April and May to ensure a bountiful yam harvest, the ceremony – once held in private – is now open to the public for a small fee, which goes towards local projects.

Best time to visit Vanuatu

The best time to honeymoon in Vanuatu is during the dry season from May to October when the islands average 23°C.

The 'cool' season lasts from June to August, water temperatures drop to 21°C and the air is cooler – probably not the best time to visit if you’re hoping to laze on a beach, but great for hiking through the rainforest.

The summer wet season in Vanuatu runs from November until April, with heavy rains in January and an average temperature of 28°C.


The Vanuatu Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean some 1750km east of Australia.

Latest update about this honeymoon destination: 14 February, 2017


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