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Best Honeymoon Destinations

Are you wondering where to go for your honeymoon? Are you searching for the best honeymoon destinations in the world? If so, look no further.

Where to honeymoon in 2018

Our in-depth guide reveals everything you need to know about the world’s best honeymoon destinations featuring detailed information about the best beaches, attractions, things to do, accommodation options and the ideal time to visit each honeymoon destination.

Find the perfect location for your honeymoon, today!

Honeymoon Planning

Where to go and what to do on your honeymoon? Do you and your fiancé share similar ideas on what your dream honeymoon should be? It’s important to make sure you do.

Don’t wait. Create time now to brainstorm your perfect honeymoon, talking it through together. Decide what’s really important for you both in this trip of a lifetime. Make lists separately, then compare together.

Ask for advice from family and friends and seek information from travel experts, but don’t try to make another couple’s honeymoon yours. Make sure your ideas are those that take centre stage. Oh, and have fun…

Did you know that in 2017, the five most important factors for newlywed honeymoon couples were…
    1. A dream location
    2. A reasonable price
    3. Comfortable accommodation
    4. A good selection of quality food
    5. Enjoyable activities.

Do you have a style or theme for your honeymoon?

Are you daydreaming of the perfect honeymoon, one where you can totally lose yourself in each other… a honeymoon where everything you dream off comes true?

Of course you are! You want the perfect romantic honeymoon that will leave you with memories you’ll cherish forever!

A dream honeymoon begins with great planning and a good understanding of what you and your fiancé really want… for making your romantic getaway even more blissful and perfect for you and your loved one.

What’s your theme . . . what really appeals to you?

Just because your fiancé has often said he would love to backpack the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, doesn’t mean he’ll want to do that immediately after the wedding.

Perhaps you prefer to explore a romantic city such as Paris or Venice or enjoy lazy days on a gorgeous tropical island. Think it through and plan ahead before jumping into reservations and bookings. Take some time to consider what you and your fiancé's honeymoon styles really are.

Here are more tips and suggestions to help you with your honeymoon planning.

Combine your wedding and honeymoon

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. And why not? Combining wedding vows with an idyllic honeymoon destination provides the simplicity of one coordinated wedding-honeymoon package.

One plan, one price and one destination mean one big romantic adventure!

From the pristine wedding destinations of Fiji, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Maui, the Cook Islands and Bali to the squeaky-clean, sugar-white beaches of Thailand, Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Maldives, the choice of honeymoon destinations grows each year.

Closer to home – if you live in Australia or New Zealand – the Whitsunday Islands and the Gold Coast host stunning beaches and are among the most popular destinations for a beach wedding in Australia.

Read more about destination weddings

Warm Weather Guide

If you're planning a honeymoon in the sun but not sure where and when to go, do check out our climate guide.

Our month-by-month weather guide provides an instant snap-shot of average weather conditions around the world. You can easily assess what the weather is typically like at the best honeymoon locations in the world.

Making sure you arrive at the right time of year can make all the difference between a great honeymoon holiday or a disappointingly wet one.

If you are planning a long haul trip, just remember that seasons reverse between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres: i.e. winter in Europe is summer in Australia and the South Pacific, and vice versa; mid-winter in Australia is July and August – the peak summer holiday in Europe!

Beach-loving couples wondering 'when and where to go' for their honeymoon have a wide choice of fabulous honeymoon locations around the world.

So discover the perfect weather for your honeymoon with our weather guide to the top honeymoon locations today…

About us

Honeymoon Guide is an online honeymoon travel guide to the best honeymoon destinations worldwide, featuring comprehensive information about the best beaches, sights and attractions, things to do and accommodation options at each location.

Uncover also useful facts about each of the featured top honeymoon destinations, including flight times from Australia, operating airlines, visa entry requirements, getting around, climate, currency, electricity, language, useful phrases, tipping and local etiquette: i.e. Some countries and cultures frown on topless sunbathing.

Where to honeymoon and what to do on a honeymoon always produces a lively pre-nuptial discussion among couples. After all, this is not just any holiday! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that you’ll want to treasure forever!

At Honeymoon Guide our mission is to provide up-to-date and relative information so you and your partner can make the best informed decision on where to honeymoon, today.

Unwind on an idyllic sugar-white beach fringing the shores of an exotic tropical island such as Boracay, Bora Bora, the Seychelles or the Maldives.

Alternatively, choose to honeymoon in a romantic city such as Paris, Rome or Florence combining nightly candle-lit dinners with glamour, art and ancient monuments by day. Or rediscover 'Eden' on an eco safari to a stunning natural wonder such as Peru's Amazon Rainforest.

Make your dreams come alive today at any of these amazing romantic honeymoon destinations…

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At Honeymoon Guide, we believe in original and unbiased content to keep you informed about the world's top honeymoon locations.

Finding the best location for your honeymoon is an important consideration for all couples, so our website is a continuous work-in-progress – we are continually updating and adding new content to make our guide to the world's top honeymoon locations more useful.

To get the latest updates add our honeymoon destination guide to your bookmarks or Google Toolbar, today!

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