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Plan the perfect honeymoon adventure. Discover the most compelling adventure travel destinations around the world: cruise to the frozen continent of Antarctica, journey in Darwin’s footsteps to the Galapagos Islands, fish for piranha on the Amazon River or watch lions hunt wildebeest in Africa.

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Discover the frozen continent of the Antarctic Peninsula from the comfort of an expedition ship as you cruise this pristine wilderness on a honeymoon adventure of a lifetime.

Explore icy waterways and cruise the austere but beautiful panorama of glaciers, towering mountains and huge icebergs – each one individually forged through the power of nature.

Watch numerous species of wildlife interact in their natural habitat: from orcas, humpback and minke whales to chinstrap, gentoo, adelie and king penguins. Discover wandering albatross, snow petrels and elephant seals. See icebergs the size of office blocks and glaciers calving into the sea.

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Amazon Basin

Discover the Amazon Basin, an area of more than 6 million km², home to one-third of all known living species on earth and the largest rainforest in the world.

The Amazon River alone stretches more than 6000km, from Brazil into Peru. Sixty per cent of the Amazon Basin is in Brazil, while the rest is spread among nine other South American countries.

At the Mamirauá Reserve in Brazil, explore the largest flooded forest reserve in the world, with some of the best wildlife viewing in the Amazon. Here you can explore hundreds of lakes and shifting channels at the junction of the Japurá and the Solimões (as the Amazon above Manaus is known).

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Galapagos Islands

Discover the unique Galapagos Islands on a honeymoon adventure or romantic getaway. Journey in Darwin’s footsteps to one of the world’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries, a beautiful group of volcanic islands more than 4.5 million years old, located 1000km off the western coast of Ecuador.

With its pristine natural environment and spectacular wildlife, this tiny island chain is home to a fantastic array of birds and mammals. As a result of its extreme isolation, nearly a quarter of all species are endemic to these islands and much of the wildlife has no instinctive fear of man. In this unique environment it’s easy to have astonishingly close encounters with different species.

Explore Isabela and Fernandina islands, home to large and colourful Galapagos land iguanas, marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins and the famous giant tortoises. And don’t miss the sea turtles that come out at night for nesting on Gardner Bay.

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Nowhere else but Mexico can you discover ancient Aztec and Mayan cities surrounded by dense jungle teeming with exotic wildlife, within easy reach of some of the world’s best surfing, rafting, diving and hiking adventures. It's the perfect destination for adventurous honeymoon couples and romantic getaway twosomes.

Mexico’s diverse landscape of semi-desert in the north, tropical rainforest to the south, volcanic mountains in the centre and a stunning coastline that embraces both the Pacific and the Caribbean seas, hosts a variety of year-round adventures.

Clamber over the 2000-year-old pyramids at Chichén Itzá, Copan and Uxmal; dive into the cool refreshing waters of a cenote (sinkhole) at Aktun-Chen; horseback ride, hike or mountain bike the 2000m-high gorges of Copper Canyon and climb the 5286m-high volcano of Ixtaccmhuatl near Mexico City. Or cool off with a refreshing swim in the Caribbean beneath the famous Mayan fortress city of Tulum.

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Peru easily blends a range of exciting outdoor activities with unspoiled natural beauty and ancient man-made marvels, ranking it as one of South America’s top adventure destinations.

Discover the spectacular mountains and valleys of the Andes, with some of the finest trekking, climbing and mountain biking in South America.

Explore the vast tropical rainforest of the Amazon, a watery highway teeming with wildlife and home to indigenous tribes that remain untouched by the modern world. Or prowl the 2414km-long Pacific coastline searching for the perfect surf point break.

Hike the celebrated Inca Trail to the inspiring ruins of Machu Picchu, explore on horseback the scenic Colca Canyon near Arequipa, mountain bike past lakes and Andean villages in the Callejon de Huaylas or conquer some of the several 6000m-high peaks in the Huascarán National Park.

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