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Pyramids of Giza
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Introducing Egypt

Discover ancient Egypt on a honeymoon or romantic getaway adventure.

Few countries in the world can boast such a rich and complex history as Egypt. Ancient civilisations have all come and gone, from pharaohs, Assyrians and Nubians, to Greeks, Romans and Turks, leaving us numerous archaeological wonders to discover and explore.

What to do and see in Egypt

Ride a camel around the Pyramids of Giza or a donkey to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in the ‘Valley of the Kings’. Take a horse-drawn carriage to Karnak Temple and cruise down the Nile Valley. Sail in a traditional felucca around Aswan and watch daily life on the Nile River as villagers tend their fields, adjacent to villages shaded by date palms.

From the ancient treasures of the boy-king Tutankhamen and the Great Sphinx to today’s exotic sounds and smells of the Nubian bazaar and cities such as Cairo, Alexandria and Luzor, there’s much to discover on an Egyptian adventure.

For a break from history, head to the coast and spend a couple of days relaxing by the beach; swim and snorkel the beautiful waters of the Red Sea – one of the world’s best scuba diving sites.

Or continue the adventure into the Middle East region: Watch a sunset from the summit of Mount Sinai, then cross into Jordan and explore a desert wadi on camels, be amazed by the ancient city of Petra and float away on the Dead Sea.

In Syria, visit the ancient ruins of Palmyra and the mysterious Seleucid city of Apamea. Don’t leave without browsing the exciting medieval bazaars of Damascus and wandering the ruins of Krak des Chevaliers, considered the greatest Crusader castle in the world.

Best time to visit Egypt
The best time to visit Egypt is in winter between December and February, with average daily temperatures around 20°C on the Mediterranean coast and 26°C in Aswan. Winter nights drop to 8°C. In summer, maximum temperatures may reach 31°C on the Mediterranean coast and 50°C in Aswan. For more climate info: Egypt Weather Guide

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