Boracay Sights & Attractions

Explore some of Boracay's natural attractions.


Willy's Rock, Boracay

Willy's Rock, Boracay – Image courtesy of Philippines Tourism

Boracay sights

Check out these must-see attractions on Boracay, including:

Bat Caves

Take a short hike through forest to this steeply inclining cave where you can see multiple small stalactites and, at the bottom of the cave, many small insectivorous bats; bring a flashlight to better see the bats.

The best way to experience the Bat Caves is from the sea during a swim-through into one of the caves, when you can look up into an immense cavern inhabited by thousands of hanging bats.

Mount Luho

Follow the trail from Bulabog Beach by foot or mountain bike to reach Boracay’s highest point, 100m above sea level, with great views over the island.

Willy's Rock

This volcanic rock formation, which sits in shallow water facing White Beach, contains a staircase leading to a chapel and a statue of the Virgin Mary.

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