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 China: Beijing Travel Guide

Right: Great Wall of China – Photo courtesy of China Tourism

Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Tiananmen Square, Beijing – Image courtesy of

Introducing Beijing

From Beijing, take an endless adventure through 5000 years of ancient wonders and man-made marvels that dot the scenic landscape of eastern China.

What to do and see

With a history dating back 3000 years, Beijing offers a treasure trove of stunning monuments to ancient dynasties. Be inspired by the magnificent Summer Palace, the exquisite Temple of Heaven and the splendours of the Forbidden City. Then explore the hutongs (back alleys) by cycle rickshaw to see Chinese life at its most traditional.

Scramble over ancient ruins at Huanghua on the Great Wall, explore the site of a 600,000-year-old homo erectus at Zhoukoudian, wander along the shen dao (spirit way) at the necropolis of the Ming Dynasty, discover thousands of Buddhist statues in the caves of Yungang and paddle across the magical West Lake of Hangzhou.


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Best buys

Local handicrafts, jade, silk, embroidery, calligraphy, paintings and carvings in wood, stone and bamboo are just some of the regions’ best buys.

Best time to visit Beijing

The best time to visit Beijing is autumn, between September and early November, and also in spring, between April and May, when the sights are less crowded and it’s dry and warm with an average temperature of 23°C. Early summer is also a good time to visit Beijing.

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