Maldives: Key Facts

Nalaguraidhoo Island, Maldives
Above photo: Nalaguraidhoo Island, Maldives © Photo courtesy of Sun Island Resort & Spa

Key Facts about the Maldives


– The Indian Ocean, 500km southwest of the southern tip of India

Country name

– Republic of Maldives


– 298 sq km


– 370,000

Capital city

– Malé (Population: 83,000)


– Republic since 1965; gained independence from the UK in 1965

Time Zone

– Five hours behind east coast Australia; three hours behing west coast Australia; GMT/UTC +5


– Rufiyaa (MVR)


– 110/ 230 volts, 50hz. Three-pin square, three-pin round and two-pin flat blade


– Almost entirely Sunni Muslim


– Dhivehi. English is spoken widely

Useful phrases

– Try these Dhivehi phrases: Assalaamu Alaikum – Hello (formal) and Kihineh – Hello (informal); Haalu kihineh? – How are you?; Shukuriyaa – Thank you; Aan – Yes; Noon – No; Ran'galhu – Good; Dhanee – Goodbye (informal)


– Tipping is not encouraged in the Maldives however, if the service is good it is usual to tip waiters and room staff in resorts (unless a service charge has already been added).

Local etiquette

– Visitors are requested not to offend local sensibilities. Nudity and topless sunbathing is forbidden. Swimwear should be confined to the beach and resorts. When entering a mosque, your legs and body (except for your neck and face) should be covered.


– Hats and sunscreen are a must and sneakers or sandals are advisable for walking and swimming around coral. If you cut yourself on coral pour lemon or lime juice over the wound to relieve the pain, or use hydrogen peroxide.
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