Pattaya Sights & Attractions

Pattaya offers several sightseeing attractions for inquisitive couples celebrating a honeymoon, including the following…

Wat Khao Prayai

Experience panoramic vistas from this small temple complex located high above Pattaya as you admire the 10m-high gold Buddha, which serenely surveys the Gulf of Thailand.

Sanctuary of Truth

Don’t miss Thailand’s version of Barcelona's Sagrada Familia. This stunning teakwood palace is constructed to reflect the ancient vision of earth, knowledge and eastern philosophy according to ancient Thai ingenuity. This astonishing landmark is located in Naklua.


Discover a spectacular state-of-the-art entertainment complex featuring a 70m-long show-stage, gigantic movie screens and a 30m-long water track for water performances.

Here you can watch impressive cultural and musical shows that incorporate scenes from historical Thai events such as elephant battles.

Pattaya Elephant Village

This family friendly, not-for-profit elephant sanctuary offers a choice of one-hour or day-long elephant treks through the forest, spectacular shows that re-enact ancient ceremonies and insights into elephant training techniques.

You can also combine an elephant trek with hiking or a 30-minute rafting trip. This is a perfect excursion for children.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Encompassing 2km², this beautifully landscaped botanical garden features a wide range of native plants including orchids as well as an elephant park where you can watch elephants perform and take in Thai dancing and boxing shows.

Pattaya Water Park

Have lots of fun on the gigantic slides, whirlpools and large swimming pool for kids at this water park located on Jomtien Beach and adjacent to the Pattaya Park Beach Resort.

Considered a landmark of Pattaya, this large resort is home to a 240m-high tower with three revolving restaurants and several amusement options including dodgem cars, carousels and roller coasters in the adjacent amusement park.

Enjoy panoramic views from the restaurants and ride the 170m-high cable car.

Underwater World

From the entrance of white-sand beaches and shallow rock pools to the underground 100m-long plexiglass tunnel with views of sharks and stingrays, Thailand’s largest ocean aquarium will enthral the whole family.

Here you may see more than 4000 local and overseas marine animals, including the rare shovelnose ray – a hybrid between a shark and a stingray.

Bottle Art Museum

This unusual museum displays an array of glass bottles containing miniature replicas of world famous buildings and monuments, including temples, churches and palaces.

The Million-Year Stone Park

Stroll through a fascinating garden complete with amazing collections of plants, flowers and rocks. And don’t miss the zoo, with rare species including albino bears and other animals such as elephants, horses, tigers, lions and crocodiles.

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

As you’d expect, this bizarre exhibit features a collection of oddities and strange artefacts from all over the world, including a mask made from human skin and an African voodoo doll. The kids will also love the 4-D simulator, maze and haunted house adventure.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Watch elephants playing basketball, women wresting with crocodiles and see more than 200 Bengal tigers. You can also see several other animals such as ostriches, Peruvian guinea pigs and camels.

Latest update: Pattaya Sights & Attractions: 6 May, 2022