Daintree River, Daintree National Park Daintree River at Mossman Gorge – Image courtesy of Tourism Queensland

Mossman Gorge

Discover one the most accessible and scenic regions of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area at the pretty cascades that tumble through the Mossman Gorge in Daintree National Park – an area that covers 565km² (218mi²) of rainforest and mountain woodland.

Much of the Mossman Gorge section of Daintree National Park consists of the rugged, largely inaccessible slopes of the Main Coast Range, and the Windsor and Carbine tablelands. It is these steep mountain ranges that ensure frequent rainfall, maintaining the rainforest and ultimately feeding the Mossman and Daintree rivers.

Tall, dense rainforests cover the lowlands and stunted, windswept rainforests occupy the mountains. To the west of the Main Coast Range, open forest and woodlands grow on the drier, western slopes.

The park provides a home for a wonderful variety of rainforest animals including tree-kangaroos, musky rat-kangaroos, Australian brush-turkeys and Boyd's forest dragons.

Mossman River, Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Queensland

Over millions of years, the Mossman River has carved a steep-sided valley from the upper reaches to the coastal lowlands.

Through this valley, crystal-clear water cascades among large granite boulders which have been washed down from the hills during times of heavy flood.

Here you can walk amid strangler figs and epiphytic plants that flourish beside the crystal-clear waters of the Mossman River as it cascades over granite boulders in the Mossman Gorge.

Cool off with a swim in the ice-cold water at one of the croc-free swimming holes. Learn legends from a long time ago on a Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk, conducted by local Indigenous people.

This Mossman Gorge tour takes visitors on a guided walk along gentle tracks, visiting culturally significant sites past traditional bark shelters and over meandering cool rainforest streams.

Mossman Gorge is part of the traditional lands of the Eastern Kuku-Yalanji Aboriginal people. Many of the natural features of the landscape hold spiritual significance for the traditional owners.

Alternatively, set out on your own adventure through the lush green rainforest of the Mossman Gorge. Soak up the wonders of the national park at your own pace as you navigate walking tracks and trails.

All of the walking tracks are clearly signposted and maps are also provided upon entry.

Allow 45 minutes to complete the circuit walk.

Baral Marrajanga lookout with views of the Mossman River, Baral Marrjanga Trail, Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Queensland

Baral Marrjanga Trail – The Baral Marrjanga track leads through the rainforest from the shuttle bus stop to a lookout with views of the Mossman River and the mountain ranges beyond.

The short, 270m one-way track includes two sections of elevated boardwalk which pass through the lower rainforest canopy.

This track is suitable for wheelchairs, strollers and the vision-impaired. Allow 10 minutes to complete the walk.

Rex Creek Bridge, Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Queensland

Rex Creek Bridge Track – Meander through lush rainforest to a gently swaying suspension bridge spanning the cascading waters of Rex Creek on this 460m one-way trail.

From the swaying bridge, suspended across Rex Creek, watch the clear waters cascading over rocks below. Try to spot fish and turtles in the quieter pools.

You can reach the Rex Creek bridge from Baral Marrjanga track. Once safely across, retrace your steps or continue on the Rainforest circuit track.

Rainforest Circuit Track alongside the Mossman River, Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Queensland

Rainforest Circuit Track – This 2.4km (1.5mi) circuit track begins on the far side of Rex Creek bridge and snakes past giant strangler figs, fan palms and epiphytic plants overlooking the Mossman River.

Along the way look out for brilliant blue Ulysses butterfly and birds such as the eastern yellow robin; and try to spot tree and musky rat-kangaroos, Boyd's water dragons, scrub fowl and turtles.

More than 430 bird species thrive in the Mossman Gorge, along with 18 species of reptile and 12 species of amphibian.

Enjoy views of Mount Demi from a small lookout; thereafter the track divides to form a circuit that meanders through the moist cool green rainforest.

Lower River Track lookout with views of the Mossman River, Baral Marrjanga Trail, Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Queensland

Lower River Track – Stroll this 300m one-way river track with several viewing platforms overlooking the Mossman River.

Along the way glimpse crystal-clear waters rushing through tumbled granite boulders.

Look for brilliant butterflies fluttering in the rainforest, and watch jungle perch and saw-shelled turtles in the river below. 

Most of the Lower River Track is easy walking, however the steps can be slippery – handrails are provided. Allow 10 minutes to complete the walk.

This walk starts from the shuttle bus stop and winds along the Mossman River before joining Baral Marrjanga trail.

Note: While walking try to avoid stinging vines (plants with serrated-edge, heart-shaped leaves, found at the rain-forest edges. And avoid swimming in the river – it’s hazardous due to swift currents, slippery rocks and occasional flash flooding.

Contact Information

An eco-friendly shuttle bus is available from the Mossman Gorge Centre to the heart of the gorge and departs every 15 minutes between 8:00am and 6:00pm.

Location: Mossman Gorge Centre is located on Gorge Road, around 2km (1.2mi) from Mossman, around 20km (12mi) northwest of Port Douglas and 77km (47mi) northwest of Cairns
Phone: Mossman Discovery Centre – 07/4098 9171; Kuku-Yalanji Dreamtime – 07/4098 2595
Admission: Eco shuttle bus A4.80 day pass; Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks A$45 – A$65
Hours: Mossman Gorge Centre daily 8am - 6pm; Ngadiku Dreamtime Walks daily 9am, 11am & 3pm (except Christmas Day); Dreamtime Legend Walk (2.5 hours) 1.00pm. All walks leave from the Mossman Gorge Centre..
Websites: https://www.mossmangorge.com.au/; www.daintree-rec.com.au

Daintree National Park

At around 2600km² (1003mi²), the Daintree is the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest on the Australian continent.

The park consists of two sections, Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation, which are separated by a settled agricultural region that includes the towns of Mossman and Daintree Village.

The main entrance to Daintree National Park is located south of the Daintree River at Mossman Gorge, home to some of the best rainforest in the park.

To learn more about the rainforest, head to the Daintree Discovery Centre, a multi-award-winning attraction accredited by the Wet Tropics Management Authority.

The centre offers easy access to this unique rainforest wilderness via elevated boardwalk tours, a 23m-high canopy tower, an aerial walkway and a comprehensive display centre featuring interactive information kiosks and an audio visual theatre where you can learn more about the rainforest’s flora and fauna.

The Daintree National Park is located around 30km (18mi) north of Port Douglas and 100km (62mi) northwest of Cairns and contains the Daintree River, Bloomfield River and Mossman River.

More about Port Douglas…

Latest update: Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park: 19 January, 2021

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