Tamborine National Park Tamborine National Park – Image courtesy of Tourism Queensland

Introducing Mt Tamborine National Park

At 525m (1722ft) high and covering 2800ha (6918ac) on a plateau surrounding Tamborine Mountain and its foothills, this reserve offers picturesque bushwalks through lush rainforest, past numerous waterfalls, gorges, cliffs and open woodland.

Stretching along the McPherson Range, Tamborine Mountain is also home to the three heritage communities of Mount Tamborine, North Tamborine and Eagle Heights.

From here, you can discover panoramic views across the valleys below to the impressive man-made high-rises of the Gold Coast.

What to do and see in Tamborine National Park

Take a stroll though Tamborine Village, a haven for talented artists, and browse its eclectic range of galleries and craft shops.

Wander along Gallery Walk on Long Road between North Tamborine and Eagle Heights, a stretch of antiques and crafts shops, art galleries and restaurants.

Try the Witches Falls Circuit, a short walk leading to a cascade past shining burrawang cycads, palm groves and huge strangler figs. Or walk the pretty Cedar Creek Circuit through hoop pines and dry rainforest to various cascades and rock pools.

Eight other trails, including the popular Curtis Falls rainforest track and the Knoll, lead to scenic cascades, forests of red cedars and groves of tall piccabeen palms.

Several trails lead to scenic cascades, forests of red cedars and groves of tall piccabeen palms.

Here you may even spot the rare Albert's lyrebird, satin bowerbirds, lorikeets or perhaps even a playful platypus.

Curtis Falls, Mt Tamborine National Park, Queensland

Curtis Falls Track – Located in the Knoll Section of Tamborine National Park this easy 1.5km (1mi) return walk begins in wet eucalypt forest beneath towering flooded gums then descends a steep staircase to a large pool at the base of Curtis Falls.

Allow 30 minutes to complete.

Palm Grove Circuit – Explore the Joalah Section of Tamborine National Park on this 2.6km (1.6mi) walk. You’ll see palm groves and rainforest with emergent strangler figs on this walk.

Allow one hour to complete the walk.

Curtis Falls, Mt Tamborine National Park, Queensland

Witches Falls Circuit – Set in the Witches Falls section of the park, this 3.1km (1.9mi) trail zigzags down the mountain through an open forest of banksia trees and into rainforest with shining burrawang cycads, palm groves and giant strangler figs.

The walk leads to a cascade and passes seasonal lagoons which often fill after heavy rain and spring to life with insect and frog species. The waterfall only flows after recent rain and is best viewed from the lookout platform accessed via a 200m detour from the main circuit.

For a longer hike, you may also wish to try the combined Witches Chase and Witches Falls Circuit walk. Starting at the North Entry of the park and descending to the falls, the 5.8km (3.6mi) trail then follows the main loop of the Witches Falls Circuit.

The trail is largely gentle over its length with some steep sections. There are clear and easy to follow signage at trail junctions along the Witches Falls Circuit, but very limited signage along the Witches Chase trail.

The trail starts at either the main car park on Main Western Road for the circuit or off Beacon Rd to start at the Witches Chase car park. If combining both walks, then the Witches Chase car park is recommended. Allow 90 minutes to complete.

Contact Information

Location: Doughty Park, Geissman Drive at the corner of Main Western Road, North Tambourine
Phone: 13-7468
Admission: Free
Hours: Daily 24hrs; main areas to visit in the park include Cedar Creek, The Knoll, MacDonald Park, Niche's Corner, Palm Grove and Witches Falls. All have picnic facilities and walking tracks. All but Cedar Creek have information centres; most have toilets and some have barbecues.
Website: www.derm.qld.gov.au

Latest update: Mt Tamborine National Park: 4 March, 2021

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