Wineglass Bay Attractions

The Wineglass Bay region along with Tasmania's south and east coasts offer a choice of must-see natural attractions for honeymoon couples who appreciate great natural beauty, including the following…

Freycinet National Park

Choose from a range of hiking trails to explore this stunning peninsula of pink granite mountains, pure white beaches and dry eucalyptus forests, located on Tasmania’s east coast.

Along the way experience some of Tasmania’s most interesting wildlife.

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Coles Bay

Sitting beneath the pink granite mountains at the entrance to Freycinet National Park and overlooking Oyster Bay, Coles Bay is an ideal spot for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, boating and fishing. It is also a good base for exploring the national park.


Scuba dive the deep fissures, caves and sheer rock walls among sponges and sea whips; relax on white sandy beaches; or explore the coast in a sea kayak or glass-bottomed boat. Walk to Rocking Rock to see the blowhole or take a penguin tour to Diamond Island Nature Reserve.

Discover waterfalls tumbling into tranquil lakes and river ravines at nearby Douglas–Apsley National Park or take a wine tour and sample east coast wines while dining on fresh seafood such as crayfish, abalone and Australian salmon.

Schouten Island

Explore this remote 3400ha island by foot, hiking past eucalypt forest and across heathland to Mount Story (400m). Look out for fairy penguins, short-tailed shearwaters and Australian fur seals, which seem to prefer the eastern side of the island.

Hike to cliffs overlooking sheltered bays and snorkel or swim from Schouten Island Beach, a pleasant bush-fringed beach located on the northern coast. Kayak around the island, looking out for bottlenose dolphins, exploring sea caves and resting on secluded beaches along the way.

St Marys

Drive up into the mountains to Elephant Pass for spectacular views along the coast. Indulge in delicious, European-style crepes at Mt Elephant Pancakes – a quirky restaurant nestled in the mountains, then continue on to St Marys, a small township nestled beneath the impressive rocky outcrop of St Patrick’s Head (694m).

Although just 10km from the coast, the town climbs 600m above sea level. Visit nearby waterfalls, go fishing at Lake Leake, do some bushwalking in Douglas Apsley National Park or climb to the top of St Patrick’s Head or South Sister Peak for stunning forest and coastal views.

Browse the craft galleries and see the original railway station (1866). Head to nearby Cornwall Wall and take the Heritage Walk to the Coalminers’ Heritage, a monument to the miners who hand-tunnelled a coal mine beneath the Mount Nicholas Range.

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