Best Beaches in Bermuda

Bermuda’s coastline boasts kilometres of pink-sand beaches that often fringe picturesque coves framed by soaring cliffs and native grassland – just perfect for honeymoon couples.

Most beaches in Bermuda have shallow sandy bottoms that provide safe swimming with lifeguards on duty from May to September, and facilities including changing rooms and toilets.

In addition, many hotels, resorts and private clubs have their own beaches, with free facilities for guests; non-guests can also use the beach and amenities by using the hotel bar or staying for lunch.

The best beaches in Bermuda, include …

Elbow Beach

Unwind on the pristine pink-hued sands of this gorgeous 550m-long beach that sits between bush-clad hills and clear turquoise water.

An offshore coral reef guarantees calm waters for swimming and bodysurfing.

Come for the day or stay longer at the beachfront Elbow Beach Hotel, which offers a range of amenities for paying guests only, including umbrellas, sun loungers, changing rooms, showers, restrooms and beach towels (distributed by beach attendants who double as lifeguards).

A beachfront water sports kiosk offers paddle boats, sea kayaks and snorkelling equipment for hire to anyone on the beach.

At the northern end of the beach is the luxurious Coral Beach Club. A food concession sells fast food and cold drinks during the day, independent of the hotels.

Elbow Beach is located off South Road in Paget Parish. Take buses number 2 or 7 from Hamilton.

Astwood Beach

Although located at the bottom of a steep and winding road, this small, 20m-long, pink-hued sand beach offers seclusion with good swimming and snorkelling in calm turquoise waters framed by scenic cliffs that are often inhabited by Bermuda longtail birds.

Facilities include toilets, while nearby Astwood Park provides picnic tables and picturesque cliff-top hiking trails to explore. Take buses number 2 or 7 from Southampton or Hamilton.

Warwick Long Bay Beach

Escape the crowds and pick you own spot to sunbathe on this wide, 1km-long pink-sand beach that lies beneath steep cliffs and a grass-covered hilly landscape.

The beach faces turquoise waters that swirl around a picturesque 7m-high offshore coral island.

Go swimming, snorkelling or jogging at this beautiful beach, which stretches west into a series of secluded rock-framed coves (Jobson’s Cove, Stonehole Bay and Chaplin Bay).

An offshore reef keeps the waters calm. Pack a picnic, as there are no facilities here, except for toilets at the beach's western end.

Warwick Long Beach lies on the southern side of South Shore Park, just north of Horseshoe Bay. Take bus number 7 from Southampton or Hamilton.

Jobson's Cove Beach

Dig you toes into the soft pink sand of this small but secluded beach that faces a scenic horseshoe-shaped bay framed by soaring cliffs and rocky headlands.

Swim and snorkel in 2m-deep water that stretches out into the calm, sheltered bay.

There are no facilities on this 10m-long beach, but it's close to Warwick Long Bay should you need to use the restrooms. Take bus number 7 from Southampton or Hamilton.

Chaplin Bay

Unwind on this wide, 40m-long pink-sand beach that faces turquoise waters offering good swimming and snorkelling.

This secluded beach is almost surrounded by bush-clad cliffs and rocky outcrops but can easily be reached from Warwick Long Bay or Jobson’s Cove to the east and from Horseshoe Bay to the west.

There are no facilities here. Take bus number 7 from Southampton or Hamilton.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Unwind on this wide, 550m-long crescent of pink sand that curves around a charming bay framed by bush-clad rocky headlands.

An adjoining beach set in a sheltered cove with shallow waters offers perfect conditions for small children.

Set beneath the grassy landscape of South Shore Park, Horseshoe Bay is a favourite of locals and has a good range of facilities that aren’t found on other public beaches, including changing rooms, toilets, showers, lifeguards and a snack bar (the Horseshoe Bay Beach Café), from which you can hire umbrellas, sun loungers and snorkelling equipment.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is probably the busiest on the island and subsequently often features outdoor concerts and other social events.

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Church Bay Beach

Sunbathe, swim and snorkel from this idyllic, 50m-long pink-sand beach that nestles beneath a bush-clad hill facing calm waters sheltered by an offshore reef.

A cliff-top park sits a short walk to the east and offers facilities including toilets, a concession stand selling cold drinks and snacks, as well as snorkelling equipment for hire.

Church Bay is located off West Side Road along Bermuda's southwest coast. Take buses number 7 or 8 from Hamilton.

Somerset Long Bay Beach

Although unsafe for swimming during the occasional seasonal offshore storms, this 500m-long crescent of pink sand is perfect for sunbathing, beachcombing, picnicking and watching the sunset.

Facilities on the secluded beach include toilets and changing rooms. The nearby Bermuda Audubon Society Nature Reserve offers long walks through native bush.

Somerset Long Bay is on the north-western end of the island, just north of Somerset Village. Take buses number 7 or 8 from Hamilton or Somerset.

Shelly Bay Beach

Dig your toes into the soft pink sand of this secluded beach that nestles beneath a pretty park and faces a sheltered cove framed by scenic headlands.

Sunbathe on the beach, relax beneath beachside trees or go swimming and snorkelling in the calm turquoise waters.

Facilities include umbrellas, sun loungers, beach towels and snorkelling equipment for hire, as well as toilets. An adjoining area provides a restaurant and playground areas for soccer, volleyball and cricket.

Shelly Bay is located on the north coast, just off North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish. Take bus number 11 from Hamilton.

Tobacco Bay Beach

Unwind on this small but wide pink-sand beach, framed by soaring rocky outcrops and facing a turquoise cove that offers perfect snorkelling and swimming.

Facilities include umbrellas, sun loungers and snorkelling equipment for hire as well as toilets, changing rooms, showers and a snack bar.

Tobacco Bay is just a short stroll west of Fort St Catherine and St Catherine's Beach on St George's Island. Take buses number 1, 3, 10 or 11 from Hamilton.

St Catherine's Beach

Relax on this long crescent of pink-hued sand that lies beneath historic Fort St Catherine and adjacent hilly parkland. Facilities include toilets, a restaurant and snack bar.

St Catherine's Beach is located on St George Island. Take buses number 1, 3, 10 or 11 from Hamilton.

John Smith's Bay Beach

Unwind on this small but wide, 120m-long crescent of pink-hued sand that lies beneath a grassy public park and shelves into clear turquoise water, with good swimming and snorkelling around rocky promontories.

Facilities include changing rooms, toilets and lifeguards. John Smith’s Bay is located in Smith's Parish. Take bus number 1.

Clearwater Beach

Sunbathe and swim on this 300m-long, pink-hued sand beach facing a wide and shallow sheltered bay and St David's Lighthouse.

Facilities include toilets, changing rooms, lifeguards, picnic tables, a children’s playground, a beachfront bar and a café serving burgers, fries and cold drinks. This beach is popular with serious swimmers and tri-athletes, who use it as a training ground.

The nearby Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve offers hiking trails while a paved road leading to the tip of the peninsula offers the opportunity to walk or drive to several more quiet pink-sand beaches nestling beneath cliffs facing turquoise coves framed by scenic rocky outcrops.

Clearwater Beach is located on the eastern tip of St David's Island. Take bus number 10 from Hamilton.

Snorkel Park Beach

This wide, 60m-long, palm-dotted white-sand beach is a family favourite, with good snorkelling in calm, sheltered waters beneath the imposing cliffs and fortifications of the Royal Dockyard.

Facilities include umbrellas and sun loungers for hire, a nearby children's playground, several restaurants and an arts and craft market. Note: You must hire beach equipment to use this beach.

Snorkel Park is located on the tip of North Ireland Island. Take buses number 7 or 8 from Hamilton.

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