Cat Island Honeymoon Guide

Discover Cat Island – one of the Caribbean’s unspoiled gems – on a romantic honeymoon holiday!

Cat Island is blessed with friendly locals, a pleasant summer climate averaging around 28°C (82°F), pink-hued white-sand beaches framed by towering cliffs and fringed by dense forests and gently undulating hills.

What to do and see in Cat Island

Choose from several gorgeous palm- and casuarina-fringed pink-sand beaches where you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel in seclusion.

Start with a trip to North Shore Beach, an 8km stretch of pink-hued sand, or Fernandez Bay Village Beach, a long crescent of powder-white sand backed by casuarinas facing tranquil waters.

Don’t miss Greenwood Beach, 12km of pink sand facing the Atlantic Ocean at Port Howe near the southeast tip of Cat Island, with great snorkelling and diving over coral heads right off the beach.

Or visit Hawk's Nest Beach, located at the southwest tip of Cat Island near Devil’s point. None of the Cat Island beaches have any facilities, so you’ll need to pack a picnic.

Explore the island on foot along nature trails that wind over rolling green hills passing quaint native villages, wonderful flora and the remains of once-flourishing cotton plantations, including the Ambrister Plantation and the once-luxurious Deveaux Mansion.

For lovely views, climb up to Mount Alvernia: at 62m above sea level this is the highest point in the Bahamas. See also the remains of the Hermitage, a one-time religious retreat built by the hand of one man in 1939. Don’t miss the pre-Columbian Arawak Indian cave at Columbus Point on the island's southern tip.

Underwater, explore coral reefs, blue holes, walls, caves and shipwrecks teeming with rainbow-hued tropical fish, as well as sharks, rays and dolphins.

Although you can snorkel just about anywhere, one of the best places is along the west coast at Dry Heads, a 7m-drop teeming with butterfly fish – and so-named because of the blanket of purple sea fan that is completely exposed at low tide.

Where to stay on Cat Island

Cat Island offers a good range of accommodation options, all of which face a gorgeous pink-sand beach with good offshore snorkelling.

Some good options include the laid-back beachfront Fernandez Bay Village, the Greenwood Beach Resort & Dive Centre and Sammy T’s Beach Resort.

Best time to visit Cat Island

Cat Island is considered a year-round destination.

The best time to visit Cat Island is from late-November to mid-April during the winter dry season, with an average high temperature of 26°C (78°F). For hot weather, visit Cat Island from late-October to mid-May when temperatures climb to 31°C (87°F).

You can swim and enjoy water sports year-round, with water temperatures rarely dipping below 24°C (75°F).

The rainy season from June through October brings short tropical rainstorms.

For more climate info: Cat Island Weather Guide

Getting there

Named after the pirate Arthur Catt, this small, fishhook-shaped island is located around 209km (130mi) southeast of Nassau, the Bahamas.

Cat Island sits between Eleuthera and Long Island in the central Bahamas.

The most convenient and quick route to Cat Island is by air to New Bight Airport (TBI), located around 43km (27mi) from Arthur's Town. The airport receives daily nonstop flights from both Fort Lauderdale and Nassau.

Alternatively, you can fly to Arthur's Town Airport (ATC), located close to the island's major settlement.

By sea, there is mailboat service from Nassau to a number of towns in the north and south on a weekly (or more frequent) basis.

Information on how to get to Cat Island

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