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Cuba Sights & Attractions

Discover Cuba’s often crumbling, pre-revolution, colonial-era architecture and learn more about the country's unrelenting passion for its revolutionary heroes at several fascinating museums.

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La Habana Vieja

(Old Havana) –  Explore the colonial streets of Old Havana – frozen in a time warp but now lovingly resorted. Discover majestic boulevards, elegant plazas and narrow cobblestone alleyways lined with colonial buildings, forts and churches.

See colonial-era art artefacts at the Museo de la Ciudad, Havana's preeminent museum.

Admire the Baroque Catedral de San Cristobal (St Cristobal Cathedral) – perhaps the country’s most distinctive historical site, located in the atmospheric Plaza de la Catedral.

Visit the Museo de la Revolución to learn about the history of modern Cuba since the revolution, then explore the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the oldest of Havana's three forts.

Monumento Ernesto Ché Guevara

(Santa Clara) – Ponder this huge sculpture of Cuba’s revolutionary hero, set overlooking a vast plaza.

See artefacts of Ché in the museum and pay your respects to the doctor-turned-guerrilla fighter in the mausoleum holding his remains.

The mausoleum also includes the tombstones of 37 other revolutionary fighters killed with Guevara during his failed mission to Bolivia.


Stroll the cobblestone streets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, lined with colourful pastel-painted buildings and magnificent colonial-era mansions, including the 18th century Museo Romantico.

Plaza San Juan de Dios

(Camagüey) – Explore one of the largest cobblestone plazas in Cuba, lined with 16th to 18th century colonial churches and colonial houses adorned with red-tiled roofs and iron-grilled windows.

Museo El Chorro de Maíta

(Guardalavaca) – See preserved remains and artefacts of American Indians who predated the arrival of the conquistadors.

Set on a Taíno burial ground dating from the late-15th century, it is the largest and best American Indian cemetery discovered in Cuba.

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Latest update: Cuba Sights & Attractions: 5 March, 2019

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