Best Beaches in St Martin

St Martin offers numerous gorgeous beaches that are perfect for a beach honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Choose from a selection of 39 gorgeous white-sand beaches that indent the island’s coastline. Most beach bars and clubs are happy to rent umbrellas and sun loungers for a small fee, but may waive the charge when you order meals or drinks.

Note: Topless sunbathing is more popular on the more liberal French side of the island than on the Dutch side.

The best beaches in St Martin, include …

Orient Beach

Pick your own spot to unwind on the powder-white sands of this lively 2km-long beach that shelves into the turquoise waters of an underwater marine reserve in sheltered Orient Bay.

Framed by grassy hills and backed by a choice of bars, bistros, restaurants and hotels, Orient Beach is the place to people-watch while grooving to the latest sounds and savouring tasty Creole dishes washed down with your favourite cocktail.

Facilities include umbrellas, sun loungers and water sports equipment for hire. Choose to have a beachside massage or go sailing, parasailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, water skiing and snorkelling over the multi-coloured offshore reef.

Come for a day and relax at the northern end of the beach, which is family friendly and conservative, or shed your inhibitions at the clothing-optional southern end.

Stay longer at a choice of hotels, including Hotel La Plantation, a luxurious villa-style hotel set on a slope overlooking the bay just a short walk from the beach. Or try the Club Orient, St Martin’s only nudist resort.

Orient Beach is on the east coast of St Martin.

Le Galion Beach

Unwind on this palm-fringed crescent of white sand that gently shelves into Baie de l'Embouchure, a shallow, horseshoe-shaped bay that is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing, with steady trade winds.

Enclosed by an offshore reef with shallow waters stretching for 100m into the bay, Baie de l'Embouchure is perfect for families with small children.

Facilities include a water sports rental shop and a beachside bar and restaurant.

Baie de l'Embouchure is part of a marine reserve and comprises Le Galion and Coconut Grove beaches, which are located just south of Orient Beach.

Baie Longue Beach

Dip your toes into the soft powder-white sand of this 1.5km-long beach that curves around Long Bay on the southwest coast of St Martin.

Backed by grass-covered dunes and occasional private villas, this idyllic and uncrowded beach curves around a scenic headland into the equally gorgeous Baie aux Prunes Beach.

Swim and snorkel in the reef-protected waters, unwind on the beach or go for a stroll to the cliff-edged promontory at the southern end or to Baie aux Prunes at the northern end.

Come for a day or stay longer at the luxurious Mediterranean-style La Samanna hotel. There are no facilities on the beach, other than those provided by the hotel.

Plum Beach

Also known as Baie aux Prunes Beach and sitting adjacent to Baie Longue Beach, this 1.2km-long stretch of white sand is fringed by palm trees and grass-covered dunes and offers the perfect escape.

There are no facilities on this gorgeous beach, so pack a champagne picnic for a romantic day. Discover gin-clear waters with good swimming and snorkelling around the rocks.

Plum Beach stretches around St Martin's southwest point.

Red Beach

Backed by bush-covered hills and framed by cliff-strewn headlands, this uncrowded, 1.5km-long white-sand beach offers great sunbathing and swimming.

You can also enjoy good bird-watching at the western end (known as Falaise des Oiseaux (or Birds' Bluff) and great snorkelling by the Trou du Diable (or Devil's Hole), a collapsed cave with two natural arches and churning sea water – just beware the powerful undertow.

Facilities include two beach bars, where you can hire umbrellas and sun loungers.

Red Beach (or Baie Rouge) is located on the northern shore of the southwest peninsula of St Martin and is just a few kilometres south of Marigot, a 5-minute taxi ride away.

Baie Nettlé Beach

Choose your own spot to swim and sunbathe on this 1.2km-long beach of shimmering white sand that lies just southwest of Marigot.

Facilities include umbrellas and sun loungers for hire as well as numerous water sports kiosks, bars, restaurants and hotels that line the beach.

Come for a day or stay longer at the Creole-inspired Mercure Simson Beach Hotel.

Friar's Bay Beach

Unwind on the soft white sands of this 300m-long beach that shelves into calm turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Facilities on this scenic beach include two beach bars.

Come for a day or party all night at one of the regular full moon parties, featuring bonfires, reggae bands and cold drinks.

Framed by bush-covered headlands, uncrowded Friar's Bay Beach (or Anse des Pères) is located on the west coast of St Martin, just north of Marigot.

Happy Beach

This gorgeous crescent of palm-fringed, powder-soft white sand (also known as Anse Heureuse) sits an easy 10-minute walk over the headland from Friar's Bay Beach.

Go swimming or snorkelling in the calm waters, sunbathe on the beach or enjoy cool cocktails at the beachside bar with views across to Anguilla.

Grand Case Beach

Pick your own spot to sunbathe on the powder-white sands of this 2km-long beach that shelves into the turquoise waters of Grand Case Bay.

If the popular centre section of the beach (featuring beachside bars and restaurants) becomes too crowded for your liking, simply walk to either end of this long beach for some quiet time.

Visit for a day or stay at the chic Le Petit Hotel.

Anse Marcel Beach

Lying just north of Grand Case Beach is this gorgeous 400m-long crescent of white sand that fringes a pretty cove surrounded by towering grass-covered hills.

The shallow turquoise waters offer good swimming conditions, particularly suited to families with small children.

A wide range of facilities and creature comforts are provided by the luxurious beachfront Radisson St Martin Resort, which also features its own marine (should you arrive by yacht) and several restaurants and shops.

Baie de Petites Cayes Beach

If Anse Marcel Beach gets too crowded for your liking, hire a water taxi or take a 90-minute hike over the northern headland to this pristine white-sand beach.

Pack a picnic as there are no facilities at this deserted and idyllic spot that faces Petites Cayes Bay and offers splendid views across to Anguilla.

Best beaches in Sint Maarten …

Cupecoy Beach

Unwind on the golden sand of this 1.2km-long beach that stretches beneath picturesque multi-hued cliffs along the southwest coast of St Maarten, just southeast of Baie Longue Beach in neighbouring St Martin.

Facilities include two beach cubs with a range of facilities, as well as perfect sunset views. A steep drop-off close to shore means the beach is probably not suitable for young children.

Cupecoy is also the island's major gay beach, with a clothing-optional section at the northwestern end of the beach.

Mullet Bay Beach

East of Cupecoy sits this pretty 500m-long crescent of palm-fringed powder-white sand framed by rocky headlands and surrounded by the manicured golf links of Mullet Bay Golf Course.

Sunbathe on the usually deserted beach, snorkel the offshore coral gardens, enjoy surfing when the waves get high enough and savour a magical sunset while enjoying a cold beverage.

Facilities include a water sports kiosk and some food stands.

Maho Beach

Unwind on the soft powder-white sands of this 350m-long palm-fringed beach that lies at the end of the main runway at Queen Juliana International Airport.

In spite of the location, this gorgeous beach is popular among locals, with a choice of beachside bars and the Sonesta Maho Beach Hotel and Casino, a modern megaresort and the biggest hotel on the island.

Go swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing or dance to the beat of reggae music at one of the beach bars or at an impromptu beach barbecue.

Simpson Bay Beach

Relax on the white sands of this 2km-long beach that curves around the calm turquoise waters of Simpson Bay, scattered with anchored fishing boats and yachts.

Go swimming or beachcombing. The beach is lined with beach bars and water sports kiosks.

Simpson Bay Beach is located between Philipsburg and the airport.

Kim Sha Beach

This small beach is adjacent to Simpson Beach and offers a better range of facilities than its neighbour, including umbrellas, sun loungers and water sports equipment for hire.

The 300m-long beach is lined with a choice of bars, restaurants and resorts, including the Royal Palm Beach Resort and the Atrium Resort.

Great Bay Beach

Pick a spot to sunbathe on this 2km-long crescent of white sand that shelves into the calm and sheltered waters of Great Bay.

People-watch and admire cruise ships from an array of bars and restaurants that line the beachfront promenade flanking Front Street in Philipsburg, St Maarten’s capital.

Go swimming in crystal clear waters, snorkel the offshore reefs or enjoy strolling the beach to the hillside perch of Fort Amsterdam, from where you can savour panoramic views across the bay and the surrounding hills.

Dawn Beach

Unwind on the powder-white sands of this gorgeous 800m-long beach that shelves into reef-protected waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing.

Facilities come courtesy of the several resorts, beach clubs and bars that fringe the white sands. Visit for a day or stay longer at the luxurious Westin St Maartens or the Oyster Bay Resort.

Dawn Beach is located on the east coast of St Maarten.

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