Introducing the Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Savour a honeymoon or romantic getaway to one of the Dodecanese Islands – Patmos, Kos, Simi and Rhodes being the most popular.

The Dodecanese Islands lie closer to Turkey than to mainland Greece and comprise 12 (dodeca) islands including Patmos, Simi, Kos and Rhodes, plus a number of smaller islands.


With its year-round pleasant climate, ancient Greek temples, World Heritage-listed medieval Old Town, pristine mountainous interior and coastline of beautiful clean beaches, Rhodes offers all the ingredients you need for the perfect Greek Island honeymoon.

Visit the beautiful hilltop town of Lindos, wander narrow winding streets lined with white-washed houses, explore the 15th century hilltop fortress, admire the ancient Greek temple that sits within the walls, then cool off with a swim in the nearby beach.

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Explore the picturesque old port area of Yialos, which is surrounded by hills and lined with pastel-coloured neoclassical houses overlooking a wide horseshoe-shaped harbour.

In Yialos climb the ancient chipped marble steps of the Kali Strata to Old Horio for great views over the harbour, then visit the medieval 14th century Knights of Agios Ioannis castle, see Byzantine and medieval artefacts within the small Archaeological Museum and examine colourful frescoes inside the Church of the Panagia.

This quiet and picturesque island is located just an hour by boat from Rhodes and makes for a pleasant day trip or a longer holiday excursion.

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Famous for its historical religious significance, and arguably the most beautiful of the smaller Dodecanese Islands, Patmos is where Saint John the Divine wrote the New Testament's Book of Revelation.

With its mix of theological treasures, mountainous interior and a coastline indented with picture-perfect coves and sparkling crystalline waters, Patmos offers all you need for a quiet Greek Islands honeymoon.

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With its high-energy beach resorts, vibrant nightlife, picturesque mountain villages, secluded sandy coves and ancient archaeological sites, it’s not surprising that Kos is the second-most visited island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes.

See the ancient Ottoman fountain, the 18th century Hassan Pasha mosque and wander across a medieval drawbridge to explore the hollow remains of the 15th century Castle of the Knights of St John, which sits overlooking Kos Harbour.

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Getting to the Dodecanese

Island hopping is easy in the Aegean Sea: a choice of inexpensive (but relatively slow) ferries, high-speed (but noisy) hydrofoils and smooth quiet catamarans connect all the islands.

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