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Right: The Bayeux Tapestry in Rouen - Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Bayeux Tapestry in Rouen

Introducing Normandy

Linked forever to the World War II landings on D-Day, Normandy is also home to William the Conqueror, who in 1066 famously defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings – an event commemorated in the stunning Bayeux Tapestry in Rouen, the place where the rebellious Joan of Arc was later burned at the stake.

Must-see sightseeing attractions in Normandy for adventurous honeymoon couples, include:

War memorials

Pay your respects to fallen heroes on the Circuit de Souvenir, a tour of 400 British and Commonwealth cemeteries, churches and memorials that dot the countryside of northern France, dedicated to the allied soldiers of World Wars I and II.

Discover preserved trenches at Beaument-Hamel and see the Ulster Memorial, near the village of Thiepval, commemorating the 5000 Ulstermen who died in the Battle of the Somme.

Close by is the huge Memorial to the Missing, dedicated to troops whose bodies were never recovered. For an insight into the horrors of World War I, see newsreel and film footage, newspapers, posters and other memorabilia on display at the Historial de la Grande Guerre at Peronne on the River Somme or at the Musée Somme 1916 at Albert.

Visit the beautifully maintained World War II cemeteries at Bayeax, where the remains of nearly 5000 British and Commonwealth soldiers lie, and Colleville-sur-Mer (on a cliff above Omaha beach), the final resting place of more than 9000 US soldiers.

For a detailed insight into the Normandy landings, visit the Musee du Debarquement (Normandy Landings Museum), located on the promenade of Arromanche.

Château Gaillard

Built in 1197 for Richard I of England, the feudal Duke of Normandy, popularly known as Richard the Lionheart, this castle is now one of France's major historic landmarks.

Wander the ancient ramparts of Richard the Lionheart's fortress, perched high above Les Andelys overlooking the River Seine. Château Gaillard is located 40kms southeast of Rouen and 95km northwest of Paris.

Bayeux Tapestry

Admire one of the world's most remarkable historical documents – a 70m-long tapestry of embroidered linen that recounts the story of the Norman conquest of England in 1066.

Discover a medieval fable of kings, mythical beasts and everyday scenes of life created more than nine centuries ago and woven in coloured wools that have barely faded. Named in honour of medieval Queen Mathilda, the tapestry is housed in the Musée de la Tapisserie at Bayeux.

Monet's Garden, Giverny

Walk in the footsteps of the great Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, who created this colourful and atmospheric garden so that he could paint nature ‘on the spot’.

The garden is divided into two parts: a flower garden in front of the house and a Japanese-inspired water garden across the road, which is accessed by a tunnel. Giverny sits on the ‘Right Bank’ of the River Seine, 75km from Paris, in the region of Haute-Normandie.
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