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Introducing Ithaca

Famous as the island home of the mythical King Odysseus, and perhaps Homer, the tiny, unspoiled and beautiful green island of Ithaca offers all the ingredients you need for a tranquil Greek Island honeymoon and romantic getaway.

What to do and see in Ithaca
Easily explored on foot and by car, Ithaca (or Ithaka) consists of two large peninsulas joined by a narrow isthmus with a landscape of vertical cliffs and mountains on the west coast and rolling hills scattered with cypress trees and olive groves on the east.

Inhabited by man since prehistoric times and named after Ithakos, son of Poseidon and Amphimile, Ithaca is wrapped in mythology and legend as described by Homer in The Iliad and The Odyssey. Step back into legend and antiquity on the paved streets of ancient Ithaca on the Pilikata Hill and in the ruins of ancient Alkamenae. Visit the Cave of Loizos, once used to worship the goddesses Artemis, Hera and Athena.

Wander narrow passageways inside the Cave of the Nymphs and climb up to the mythical Spring of Arethusa. Wander the charming streets of Vathy, the island’s capital and port, which sprawls around a deep and sheltered bay. Discover several hotels and a wide variety of taverns, cafes, bars and nightclubs along the waterfront.

Examine ancient artefacts in the Archaeological Museum, see the wood-carved iconostasis (icon screen/wall) and belltower of the Cathedral of the Virgin and admire the ruins of a Venetian castle at the entrance to the harbour.

On the green islet of Lazareto (or Soteras), visit the small Chapel of the Saviour and stroll around the ruins of several Venetian buildings. Visit the medieval village of Anogi, which boasts the beautiful Monastery of Panagia Katharon, with an impressive bell tower and views over much of Ithaca.

Stroll through the remains of old stone-built houses and churches and see fine Byzantine frescoes in uninhabited Paleohora, the old medieval capital of Ithaca.

Don’t miss Vathy’s music and theatre festival held during July and August, and various Homeric events held from late August to early September.

A good range of honeymoon accommodation options can be found in Ithaca Town and close to the main beach resorts.

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Best time to honeymoon in Ithaca
For dry and hot days averaging 28˚C, time your honeymoon during summer – from late June to early September. The mountainous areas are generally cooler. Corfu and the Ionian Islands generally escape the heat found in mainland Greece and the strong meltemia wind that blows across the Aegean Islands. Winter is mild and rainfall occurs mainly from November to March.

Location – Ithaca is one of the seven Ionian Islands and lies less than 4km east of the island of Kefalonia. The Ionian Islands lie off the west coast of mainland Greece and comprise the most visited islands of Corfu, Kefalonia and Ithaki as well as Zakynthos (Zante), Paxos, Kithira and Levkas.

Getting there – By ferry, Ithaca is one hour from Kefalonia and three and a half hours from the Peloponnese port of Patras.
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