Marmaris Sights & Attractions

The scenic coastal region around Marmaris offers a choice of must-see attractions for adventurous newlyweds.


Lycian cliff-hewn rock tombs, Kaunos

Lycian cliff-hewn rock tombs, Kaunos – image courtesy ofmykonut.com

Marmaris Sightseeing

Discover a choice of must-see attractions in this scenic region of Turkey, including…

Knidos, Marmaris


Scramble among the ancient terraced ruins of one of the most fabled and prosperous cities of antiquity – notorious for the cult of Aphrodite.

See the circular foundation where the image of the goddess Aphrodite was once displayed.

Visit the bouleuterion (the building that housed the council of citizens), the Corinthian temple and the remains of two Byzantine basilicas, featuring extensive mosaics overlooking the harbour.

The site, which is still undergoing excavation, can be reached by dolmus and water taxi from Datça, around 70km southwest of Marmaris.

Come for a day or stay overnight at the Mehmet Ali Aga Konagi, a one-time Ottoman mansion, with a swimming pool and located an easy walk from a private beach.

Kaunos, Marmaris


In this picture-perfect site, wander amid ancient ruins that include a well-preserved and impressive 2nd century BC semicircular theatre cut into the hillside, an acropolis, a temple to Apollo and a crumbling Byzantine basilica and Roman bath, now restored to include a small museum of artefacts.

Many of the ruins date to the 4th century BC. Watch out for the native wildlife, which includes herons and storks in summer and flamingos in winter, as well as terrapins, tortoises, snakes and lizards year round.

The ancient ruins are just a short boat trip or ferry boat ride from Dalyan, where you can also view numerous ancient Lycian cliff-hewn rock tombs. Iztuzu Beach is just 12km south of Dalyan.

Kaunos is around 77km from Marmaris.

Marmaris Beach

Sedir Island

(Cleopatra Island) – Unwind and swim from the unique sandy beach that was allegedly imported from Egypt by Cleopatra.

Explore the nearby ancient ruins, which include ramparts, a temple of Apollo, an amphitheatre, an agora and a necropolis.

Cruising Datça Peninsula, Marmaris


Explore the rugged Turquoise Coast in a gulet – a traditional wooden-hulled motorboat or sailing boat.

Take a day trip to snorkel the crystalline waters and sunbathe on secluded beaches. Or plan a four- or seven-day voyage on a tour of the Datça Peninsula from Marmaris.

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