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Right photo: Gate of Augustus, Ephesus – Finding the perfect sightseeing spot for a honeymoon in Turkey. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Gate of Augustus, Ephesus, Turkey

Introducing Turkey

A honeymoon in Turkey offers a fascinating journey into a dazzling historical legacy stretching back thousands of years.

Step back into antiquity and literally walk through an archaeological heritage created by dozens of civilisations that once called Turkey home.

What to do and see in Turkey

Explore the sprawling ruins of Greco-Roman Ephesus, its amphitheatre where St Paul once preached and marble streets where Anthony and Cleopatra once strolled. Visit the dazzling white limestone terraces of Pamukkale and the ancient Roman Amphitheatre in Aspendos.

Make time to cruise the Bosporus for spectacular views over Istanbul, discover the stunning basilica of Aya Sofia and the magnificent Blue Mosque, then head to Cappadocia to explore the fascinating lunar landscape of Gorême – clamber around the underground houses and churches there and at Kaymakli.

Stroll among ancient rock cones, capped pinnacles and fairy chimneys of the Karst Mountains.

On the Turquoise Coast, swim beneath Crusader castles in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, enjoy the hospitality of the Turkish people and sample their unique cuisine.

Best time to honeymoon in Turkey
Spring and autumn, with temperatures between 16˚C and 25˚C, are the best times to visit Istanbul, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts – unless you love hot weather, in which case summer is best. The peak tourism season is in summer from July to mid-September, when most Turks take their holidays.

Turkey is a huge country with varying regional climates. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild, wet winters. Antalya on the south coast enjoys average summer temperatures of around 30˚C.

In Istanbul, summer temperatures average around 28˚C; winters are chilly, wet and sometimes with some snow. Summer on the Anatolian plateau is very hot and very cold in winter. In Ankara, winter temperatures average -4˚C and summer 30˚C in summer.

The Black Sea coast is wet year round, mild in summer and cold in winter. Eastern Turkey is very cold with snow in winter but warm in mid-summer. The east of the country is mountainous with warm summers and very cold, snowy winters.

Shopping – Istanbul’s Kapali Carsi bazaar has a huge range of jewellery, carpets and antiques for sale. Turkish handicrafts include a rich variety of textiles and embroideries, articles of copper, onyx and tile, mother-of-pearl, inlaid articles, leather and suede products, jewellery and, above all, carpets and kilims.

Other cities and larger resorts have markets where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts.

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