Where to Honeymoon in the Indian Ocean

Plan the perfect honeymoon in the Indian Ocean. Find the best beaches, resorts, attractions and things to do at these exciting honeymoon destinations in the Indian Ocean. Also, check out the monthly weather conditions – so you can arrive when the weather is dry and sunny.


Honeymoon couple on Long Island, Seychelles
Long Island, Seychelles - Image courtesy of North Island Resort

Top honeymoon spots in the Indian Ocean

Find the perfect location for your honeymoon in the Indian Ocean, today!


The Maldives

The Maldives offers idyllic surroundings for honeymoon couples wanting to savour intimate moments together in a unique, serene environment.

Find a choice of tranquil and pampered settings on any of the more than 80 exclusive resort islands, which are mostly encircled by gorgeous palm-fringed and sugar-white beaches.

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The Seychelles

Renowned for dazzling white-sand beaches, dramatic rock formations, warm crystal clear waters and lush tropical vegetation, the Seychelles remains a magical honeymoon destination.

Explore La Digue Island and the gorgeous Anse Source d’Argent beach or the equally stunning Praslin Island, home to Anse Lazio, a perfect crescent of soft, fine-grained white sand.

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Known as ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, the tropical island paradise of Mauritius is a one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations.

Famous for its outstanding natural beauty, Mauritius offers a paradise of endless white tropical beaches that are perfect for enjoying the warm, crystalline sea and soaking up the sun with your partner.

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Diani Beach, Mombasa


Just a short distance from Kenya's legendary national parks and game reserves lies an almost uninterrupted stretch of beachfront that stretches north and south of the ancient trading city of Mombasa – gateway to the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Besides sunbathing and swimming, most beach resorts are perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving, game fishing and spotting marine life such as sea turtles and dolphins. Mombasa is perfect for a honeymoon in Africa.

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Stone town, Zanzibar


Encircled by snow-white beaches, gin-clear turquoise waters and lush coral gardens, the exotic and welcoming ‘Spice Islands’ of the Zanzibar Archipelago are just a hop, skip and jump from the Tanzanian mainland – the perfect respite after a hot and dusty game safari on mainland Africa.

Unwind on a choice of palm-fringed, powder-soft beaches, go diving above offshore coral reefs, hike through pristine rainforest and soak up the island's heady mix of Arab, Persian, Indian, European and African traditions.

Zanzibar offers all the ingredients you need for a magical honeymoon in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

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