Cabo San Lucas sightseeing

The region around Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo offers a choice of sights, including…

Land's End

(Cabo San Lucas) – Hire a panga (a fibreglass skiff) or sea kayak and head out to the towering white cliffs of El Arco (the Arch) then come ashore and walk the pristine sand of Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach).

Just offshore sit Los Frailes, two granite pinnacles that soar out of the Bay of Cortes and offer unique rock climbing for the adventure-minded. And the thin spire of Neptune's Finger soars 24m out of the water nearby.

Cabo Falso

(Cabo San Lucas) – Hike through sand dunes up to Cabo San Lucas' historic lighthouse, Faro Viejo, for 360-degree panoramic vistas.

Perched high above Cabo Falso, the lighthouse served as the beacon to many a ship from 1895 to 1961, when it was replaced by a newer version.

Museo de las Californias

(Cabo San Lucas) – Discover unique fossils from the local Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, as well as a fascinating collection of historical artifacts, including maps, tools and journals dating back to the 16th century expeditions of the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.

Playa el Estero

(San José del Cabo) – Once home to local Indian tribes, this freshwater estuary boasts more than 270 species of birdlife that can be spotted from a palm-lined pedestrian trail.

The trail, known as the Paseo del Estero, runs from the Presidente Inter-Continental in the zona hotelera to downtown San José.

You can also explore this lush estuary by kayak, mountain bike, horse back or ATV. Look out for frigate birds, sparrow hawks, white herons and red-tailed hawks along the way, just some of the many bird species that inhabit the estuary.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

Take a local panga from the beach of the tiny fishing village Cabo Pulmo out to the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortes.

Choose from several dive sites with visibility of up to 40m in water that ranges up to 32°C (89°F). Dive among huge schools of eagle rays as well as whale, nurse and tiger sharks.

Check out El Cantil’s system of underwater canyons and crevices teeming with colourful tropical fish and schools of groper, goat fish and sturgeon.

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