Kula Eco Park

Get up close to many of Fiji's most critically endangered creatures in the dense jungle landscape of Kula Eco Park located on the Coral Coast of Viti Levu.

Spot many of Fiji’s rarest fauna, including the red-breasted musk parrot, golden and orange dove, peregrine falcons, crested and banded iguanas and flying fox bruit bats.

Here you can challenge an iguana to a staring competition or watch fruit bats munch on a mango.

Well-designed walk-through enclosures allow you to watch kula lorikeets, crested iguanas, Kadavu musk parrots and other endangered species in this beautiful conservation park.

Interpretive signs explain the animals' natural habitat and the efforts to revitalise the species as part of the captive breeding program for endangered species.

Inside the reception building you can see displays of insects, butterflies, moths and a selection of Fiji's sea shells.

The park also boasts a wide variety of native flora, which is easily viewed via a winding footpath and several rope suspension bridges spanning the stream that gently flows through the park.

Contact Information

Location: Near Sigatoka, Queens Highway, Coral Coast
Phone: 650 0505
Admission: F$25
Hours: Daily 10am-4:30pm
Website: https://www.fijiwild.com

Latest update: Kula Eco Park: 11 May, 2022