Honeymoon guide to Kauai


Introducing Kauai Honeymoon

Almost circular in shape, with a lush picture-perfect landscape of tropical rainforest, towered cliffs and more than 60 stunning white-sand beaches, Kauai is renowned as one of the world’s most idyllic islands – perfect for a romantic honeymoon holiday.

What to do and see on Kauai

Formed more than six million years ago by volcanoes, the primal landscape of Hawaii’s oldest island has been captured in many movie scenes including King Kong, Raiders of the Lost Ark, South Pacific and Jurassic Park.

A state law decrees that no building on the island may exceed the height of a coconut tree, which means there are no high rises, no sprawling urban centres, no enormous shopping malls and not even a four-lane highway.

Instead, expect to stroll among a profusion of native ferns, birds of paradise, hibiscus and colourful bougainvillea.

Kauai is also home to Mount Waialeale, whose summit, rarely seen as it is usually shrouded in clouds, is known to be the wettest spot on earth.

Best time to honeymoon in Kauai

Kauai is balmy and warm all year round, with an average 27°C. Winter (December to March) can be wet and slightly cooler than summer (June to August).
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Kauai lies to the northwest of Oahu. The Hawaiian islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, around 3860km from mainland USA.

Getting there

Getting to Kauai generally includes a short layover in Honolulu, unless you're flying from Los Angeles.
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