What to do in Molokai


Biking Molokai – Image courtesy of gohawaii.com

Things to do in Molokai

For the active couple, there’s a lot to do on a honeymoon holiday or romantic getaway to Molokai. Along with surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and wind surfing there’s the opportunity to enjoy whale-watching, deep sea fishing, touring the island on a sailing sloop and boating out to see the world’s tallest sea cliffs at 1097m-high.

Relax amid unspoiled nature as you sunbathe or stroll hand-in-hand along gorgeous powder-soft beaches. Drive through Molokai’s lush, green valleys, hike or ride on horse back along its dramatic, pristine coast while viewing awesome sea cliffs.

Hiking – Hook up with a guide and hike through native fruits and flowers into the sacred Halawa Valley to experience one of the best hikes on Molokai. The 3.8km hike ends at the stunning 76m-high, double-tiered Mooula Falls. Jump into the pool beneath the falls for a refreshing cool swim, but before you do, drop a ti leaf into the pool.

Hawaiian legend says that a giant moo, or lizard, lives at the bottom of the pool. If the ti leaf sinks, the moo is in no mood for visitors, but if the ti leaf floats, it's safe to enter Mooula's waters.

Head over to the Waikolu Valley lookout and the historic Sandalwood Pit where loggers of iliahi (native sandalwood) once tossed precious sandalwood. Once full, they hauled their aromatic cargo down the mountain to sell. Continue on to the 1214ha Kamakou Preserve east of Kaunakakai, a place so hidden and pristine that you may be forgiven for imagining you're the first person to find it.

Trek the 5km round-trip Kamakou boardwalk through primal bog and rainforest, along the way seeing more than 200 rare plants only found in Kamakou. Listen out for the songs of the olomao and kawawahie, two birds nearing extinction.

Surfing – Check out Halawa Beach, a favourite surfing spot. The beach has double coves separated by a rocky outcrop. When the water is calm you can enjoy good swimming, but be aware that both coves are subject to dangerous rip currents when the surf is heavy.

Driving – Rent a car and drive along highway 450 to marvel at the island’s natural landmarks, including the beautiful Halawa Valley. See where ‘Bell Stones’ were used as drums to announce the birth of a future king. Go for a walk and enjoy a romantic picnic, or for a unique experience hike into Hipuapua and Moaula falls in the Halawa Valley. Access to the falls is only available by permission and it’s recommended you go with an experienced guide.

Horseback riding – Ride a mule down a sea cliff to the beautiful Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Stand at the edge of Kalaupapa Lookout in Pala’au State Park and gaze down almost 600m to the peninsula below.

Nearby you’ll see the massive phallic-shaped stone known as Kauleonanahoa — one of the finest examples of a traditional fertility rock to be found in the islands. Locals believe that if a woman goes to Kauleonanahoa with offerings and spends the night there, she’ll return home pregnant!

Golf – Tee-off at the charming, plantation-style, nine-hole Ironwood Hills course, which sits on sloping land along central Molokai's north coast mountains. The easy-to-play course is the descendant of one of Hawai’i's original plantation courses, the Hanekekua Golf Club, which opened in 1938.

The course offers stunning views of the beautiful Kalaupapa Peninsula, some 600m straight down. If you look closely you may even see a number of black mountain goats grazing happily on the vertical cliff faces below.

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