New Caledonia Sights & Attractions

New Caledonia offers a choice of must-see attractions for inquisitive couples enjoying a romantic honeymoon, including the following…


(Grande Terre) – Discover a taste of France in New Caledonia’s vibrant capital, Nouméa. Savour French cuisine and fine wine in alfresco restaurants and sidewalk cafes, browse for Paris fashions in chic boutiques and stroll tree-lined boulevards and picturesque squares lined by colonial and European-style architecture.

Stroll the lively Place des Cocotiers (Coconut Square) beneath the stunning red blooms of poinciana flame trees, ride the scenic railway line to the powder-white sands of Anse Vata, Nouméa’s most prestigious beach or take a day trip to beautiful Baie des Citrons.

Visit the magnificent Tjibaou Cultural Centre, with its world famous architecture, beautiful landscaped native gardens and wonderful collection of Pacific Art, including decorative arts, sculpture, painting, photography, prints and drawings.

Here you can also watch concerts, plays and exhibitions celebrating indigenous culture. The fascinating Musée de Nouvelle-Calédonie also offers an insight into traditional Kanak and regional Pacific culture.

Embrace the lively multi-ethnic atmosphere of Noumea Market at Port Moselle, where you can browse for arts and crafts and watch locals barter for fresh produce including flowers, fruit and vegies, bread, meat and fresh fish.

See local flora and fauna at the beautiful Parc Zoologique et Forestier, including native species such as the cagou, roussette (fruit bat), notou and various parakeets; and watch stone fish, turtles, stingrays and sea snakes at the Nouméa Aquarium.

Nouméa (above photo courtesy of Martial Dosdane) overlooks one of the world's largest, sheltered natural harbours on a 42km2 peninsula on the south-west coast of La Grande Terre.

Blue River Provincial Park

(Grande Terre) – Enjoy a day trip to this scenic 90km2 wilderness reserve in the southeast Yaté district (photo) where you can choose from a range of hiking and mountain biking trails.

Hike through the lush forest to waterfalls such as the picturesque Madeleine Falls, kayak the river, cool off in a waterhole and picnic overlooking scenic spots.

Visit the park's giant 40m-high Kauri stands that is almost a 1000 years old, then try to spot the cagou, New Caledonia’s national bird, as well as other colourful bird species.

Lindéralique Cliffs

(Grande Terre) – Climb to the Point de Vue lookout point for breathtaking views of the Lindéralique rock formations. These towering black limestone cliffs soar abruptly from the sea to end in 60m-high razor-sharp edges.

Explore the area’s many caves and coves on foot or paddle a sea kayak beneath the jagged rocks around La Poule Couveuse (the Brooding Hen) into Baie de Hienghène, then glide inside the Grotte de Lindéralique. Look out for swallows and flying foxes soaring overhead. Lindéralique is located south of Hienghène on the northeast coast of Grande Terre.

Dumbéa gorges and Mount Koghi

(Grande Terre) – Discover breathtaking views over Nouméa and New Caledonia’s lagoon from the summit of Mount Koghi (1061m). Located just north of Nouméa, this scenic region is a favourite spot for hiking, swimming and kayaking.

Explore a network of forest trails, admire waterfalls in the scenic Dumbéa gorges and cool off with a swim at one of many natural swimming holes.


(Grande Terre) – Located just 25km south of Noumea, Mont-Dore (770m) offers great walking tracks and a range of stunning views. Explore valleys, forests and scenic freshwater springs on foot or by mountain bike. Mount Dore is known as the Golden Mountain due to its golden hue at sunset.

Mount Panié

(Grande Terre) – Enjoy a guided walking tour through this picturesque region and climb to the summit of the highest point in New Caledonia (at 1629 m) for magnificent views over the reef and hinterland.

Stroll past mountain araucarias and giant kaoris (large palm trees), discover mountain cascades that tumble into small creeks that are perfect for swimming and meet local tribes to experience kanak culture and local traditions. Mount Panié is located in the northern province.

Latest update: New Caledonia Sights & Attractions: 27 April, 2022