What to do on Pohnpei


Nikotoapw Waterfall, Pohnpei
Nikotoapw Waterfall, Pohnpei – Image courtesy of Alex Zuccarelli

Things to do on Pohnpei

Pohnpei offers a choice of things to do for adventurous couples enjoying a romantic honeymoon holiday.

Hiking – Don’t miss hiking to one of Pohnpei’s magnificent waterfalls that dot the island’s mountainous interior. Cool off with a swim in one of the many freshwater pools or in the wide Nanpil River – two of the most beautiful falls are at Kepirohi and Sahwartik.

Explore the main island of Kosrae, with its interior of uncharted rainforests, take a day to trek to the summit of Mount Finkol and enjoy the great views from the highest point at 630m, or hike along a winding stream to the picturesque Tafunsak Gorge with its hanging ferns and orchids growing along the 20m cliff face.

Scuba Diving – Discover some of the best diving in the world. Kosrae Island has more than 50 dive sites to choose from, with unspoiled coral reefs close to the shore for both walk-in and boat diving. From Pohnpei Island take a short boat trip to dive unspoiled Ant Atoll and Pakin Atoll.

Further afield, dive the famous Truk Lagoon among wrecks of the Japanese fleet sunk during World War II; some of the shallower wrecks are suitable for snorkellers.

Wildlife – Visit the Pwudoi Wildlife Sanctuary in Kitti on Pohnpei Island and watch local boys from the Lasialap clan ‘calling’ large fresh water eels into the shallows where they slither their way onto the bank. The eels are then stroked and picked up, resting limply in the hands of the boys. Known as the clan of the Great Eels, the Lasialap believe that the slippery freshwater eels that dwell in all Pohnpei’s rivers are their relatives.

Shopping – Best buys on Pohnpei Island are the elaborate scaled model canoes and traditional island handicrafts including ivory nut bracelets crafted into sharks, dolphins and other sea life. Another great buy are shampoos, soaps and lotions made from fresh coconut.

On Chuuk Island check out love sticks and war clubs, and on Yap Island look out for colourful grass skirts, lava-lavas woven from hibiscus bark, woven baby cradles, betel-nut pouches and stone money.

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