Raiatea Sights & Attractions

Right photo: Taputapuatea Marae on Raiatea Island, Tahiti – Photo courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Taputapuatea Marae on Raiatea Island, Tahiti

Top attractions on Raiatea

Check out these must-see attractions on Raiatea and Tahaa atolls.

Taputapuatea Marae

Explore one of the most important and best-preserved historical sites in Polynesia that is the second most significant archaeological site in Polynesia, second only to Easter Island.

Stroll among dozens of marae and religious shrines that offer a fascinating glimpse into ancient Polynesia. Located on a sandy point along the lagoon, this large archaeological site is easily reached by car, tour bus or on a canoe tour.

Faaroa River

Take a powered outrigger canoe along the only navigable waterway in French Polynesia. From Faaroa Gorge, cruise past lush jungle foliage looking out for a variety of bird species and wild hibiscus ‘purau’ trees interspersed throughout the rainforest-covered cliffs.

Vanilla Plantations

Take a guided stroll through the scented air of one of Tahaa’s vanilla plantations – more than 80 per cent of Tahiti's famous spice is grown here – and learn about the pollination and curing process.

Relax on your own island

Arrange a half- or full-day cruise to one of the many tiny motus that lie on the surface of the calm lagoon. Most motus can be circled on foot in just a few minutes and are the perfect spot to picnic under a coconut grove, snorkel the calm waters or simply sunbathe with your partner beneath a cloudless blue sky.
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