Best Beaches in Tahiti

The island of Tahiti is fringed mainly with volcanic black-sand beaches, although there are some white-sand beaches located along the west coast south of Papeete.

The most popular public beaches in Tahiti lie between Puna'auia and Mahana Park, Paea on Tahiti Nui.

Typically, many 5-star hotels provide a lagoon-style swimming pool fringed by imported white sand as well as private, manicured white-sand beaches that are well maintained.

The best beaches on Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti, include…

La Plage de Maui

(Tahiti Iti) – This narrow stretch of white-coral sand is located near the town of Vairoa on the southern shore of Tahiti Iti.

Here you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel the clear aquamarine waters of the lagoon then lunch on fresh seafood including shrimp, mahi-mahi and tuna at the excellent snack bar on this public beach. The Maui Cave is a short walk inland.

Teahupoo Beach

(Tahiti Iti) – This volcanic black-sand beach is arguably the most popular surfing beach in Tahiti.

Pronounced Cho-Poo, Teahupoo is home to huge left-hander waves – known locally as kumbaia tubes – that break 700m out in Hava'e Pass, a gap in the reef. Catch a 2m-high wave – if you dare!

Plage de Toaroto

(Tahiti Nui) Dig your toes into the clean white sand of this kilometre-long public beach, which shelves into a calm, shallow lagoon perfect for swimming and snorkelling among colourful reef fish.

Located in the Puna'auia area on the west coast near the Hotel Meridien, Plage de Toaroto offers a good atmosphere, with beachside facilities including restrooms, showers, a popular beachside restaurant and a designated ‘Le Truck’ bus stop.

Plage de Mahana Park

(Tahiti Nui) – This white-sand public beach located on the west coast near Paea.

The beach is well-known for its friendly games of beach volleyball and soccer in the park, where everyone is welcome to join.

Swim and snorkel the sheltered waters of the turquoise lagoon, savour a tasty snack at the beachside restaurant or enjoy a picnic in the beachside park.

Plage de Maeva

(Tahiti Nui) – Sunbathe on this picturesque stretch of white-coral sand beach, with good swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing just a short walk from the beachfront Sofitel Resort.

This gorgeous beach is easy to reach on Le Truck from Papeete.

Plage de Lafayette

(Tahiti Nui) – Enjoy a day trip to one of the Tahiti’s best public beaches nestled in front of Matavi Bay.

Or stay longer at the beachside Tahiti Radisson Plaza Resort or the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort where you can avail of a range of creature comforts, just a short stroll away from this 800m-long black-sand beach.

Plage de Venus Point

(Tahiti Nui) – Walk in the footsteps of Captain James Cook at the very spot where the great ocean explorer first observed the planet Venus in the year 1769.

Sunbathe on this picturesque black-sand beach, swim on the calm waters of the lagoon or stroll up through a pretty park to the large lighthouse. This east coast public beach offers several facilities including restrooms, showers, a snack bar and gift shop.

Plage de Pirae

(Tahiti Nui) – Discover another fine black-sand beach located on the east coast near the Royal Tahitian Hotel, where you can enjoy a range of creature comforts.

Plage de Papeno

(Tahiti Nui) – Join local surfers on this small but popular north coast beach of black-sand. Bring everything you need as there are no beach facilities – except strong waves.

Plage de Taharuu

(Tahiti Nui) – Dig you toes into this black-sand beach, enjoy a refreshing swim or catch a wave on this popular surf beach, located not far from the Gauguin Museum.

Latest update: Best beaches in Tahiti: 20 April, 2022