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Scuba diving Tonga

Facts about Tonga

Country name Kingdom of Tonga

Location South Pacific; scattered over 7700sq km of ocean, the islands of Tonga are 775km south-east of Fiji, 1190km north-east of Auckland and 3220km north-east of Sydney.

Area 748 sq km

Population 106,000

Capital city Nuku'alofa (population 35,000)

Government Constitutional monarchy since 1875; joined the Commonwealth of Nations in 1970

Climate During the dry season between May and October. Tonga’s climate is tropical and averages between 20°C and 30°C at any time of the day throughout the year, with fresh sea breezes to keep things pleasant. The wet season lasts from November to April with March the wettest month, especially in Vava’u – pleasantly cool during the day, chilly at night.

Time Zone GMT/UTC +13 hours

Currency Pa'anga (TOP)

Electricity 240 volts, 50hz. Australian-style three-pin plugs

Language Tongan and English

Useful phrases Try these Tongan phrases: Fefe hake – ‘How are you?’; Sai pe – ‘Fine, Alright, well’; Malo – ‘Thank you’; Malo 'aupito – ‘Thank you very much’; 'Ikai – ‘No’; 'Io – ‘Yes’.

Tipping Tipping is not practiced. However, a gift for good service is acceptable.

Local etiquette Visitors are requested not to offend local sensibilities. Tonga has a strong cultural structure and Christian faith – Sunday is regarded as a sacred day. It is illegal for men and women to go shirtless in public. Swimwear should be confined to the beach.

Tip Hats and sunscreen are a must and sneakers or sandals are advisable for walking and swimming around coral. If you cut yourself on coral pour lemon or lime juice over the wound to relieve the pain, or use hydrogen peroxide.

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