Top Attractions in Vanuatu

Vanuatu offers a choice of must-see attractions for active couples celebrating a honeymoon or romantic getaway, including the world’s only underwater post office and the amazing death-defying naghol – an ancient (and courageous) ritual leap.

Port Vila

Vanuatu’s hilly capital (above photo) rises from a horseshoe-shaped bay and hosts an array of quaint little back streets crowded with restaurants, museums and shops where you can easily pick up an interesting memento of your honeymoon.

Stroll around the waterfront to admire moored yachts, watch tropical fish right off the town’s seawall and follow winding paths up the hillside for great views across the picturesque natural harbour to Iririki and Ifira islands.

Climb to the top of Klems Hill for views over Mele Bay and Hideaway Island, then wander through the faded French grandeur of downtown Vila before relaxing with a cold drink in a charming café or at the lively Nambawan Market & Café in one of the South Pacific’s most attractive towns.

Underwater post office

Buy special waterproof postcards at the gift shop on shore, then mail them to family and friends at home while you’re diving or snorkelling at the world’s only underwater post office, located just off the beach at Hideaway Island.

National Museum of Vanuatu

Admire a treasure trove of traditional artefacts including tamtam (slit-drums), ceremonial headdresses, pottery and a massive outrigger canoe. Check out the photographic displays and videos on traditional ceremonies and legends of Vanuatu.

Mount Yasur Volcano

Depending on the level of activity, watch nature’s very own fireworks display light up the night sky or visit during the day to marvel at the eruption of fiery magma rock exploding into the air.

Low-level activity means you may be able to walk right up to the edge of 400m-wide crater and peer down into the cauldron of bubbling lava. Mount Yasar (361m) is located on the coast near Sulphur Bay on Tanna Island.

Local authorities advise when it is safe to visit and how close you can safely approach the active volcano, which has been erupting off-and-on for centuries.


Pentecost Island is world famous for the extraordinary land diving ceremony – the death-defying naghol (a ritual leap known as land diving).

Watch as men and boys leap from a 30m-high tower, falling head first with nothing but vines tied to their ankles. The naghol is traditionally made to ensure a bountiful yam harvest between April and June.

Performed in April and May, the once private ceremony is now open to the public for a small fee, which goes towards local projects.

Champagne Beach

Discover one of the best beaches in the South Pacific, an idyllic, palm-fringed white-sand beach that sits on the northeast coast of Espiritu Santo – just a short boat ride across the bay from popular Hog Harbour Village.

Sunbathe on the gorgeous creamy white sand, swim in the clean warm waters and enjoy a tasty seafood snack at one of the beachside cafes manned by friendly locals.

There are no resorts on Champagne Beach, just a relaxed secluded environment.

Latest update: Vanuatu attractions: 13 January, 2023