What to do in Vanuatu

For newlyweds who want to do more than just laze on the beach, Vanuatu offers a range of active pursuits including diving, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, hiking, horseback riding and cycling.

Kayak the calm lagoon, go deep sea fishing for blue marlin, dive on one of the world’s most famous wrecks, marvel at the volcanic display of Mount Yasur, watch ancient tribal festivals and meet kastom villagers wearing only nambas (penis sheaths) and grass skirts.

Scuba diving

Dive through crystal-clear waters to explore underwater cliffs, wrecks, grottoes, caves and interconnecting underwater tunnels; and see a range of coral gardens, sea fans and sponges that are home to thousands of colourful reef fish.

For some of the best coral reefs and drop-offs, head to the offshore islands of Tukutuku, Hat Island Turtle Reef, Paul’s Reef and Moso Island in the waters off northern Efate Island. Here you can dive some of the deepest offshore canyons in the world.

Numerous World War II shipwrecks lie scattered around the islands including the SS President Coolidge, one of the world's finest wreck dives. The former cruise-liner rests in just 20m of water a few metres off the beach on Espiritu Santo.

Nearby, off Malo Island, lies the wreck of the destroyer USS Tucker. Or dive Million Dollar Point, where military equipment was dumped at the end of the war.


Pango Point offers good waves, but you’ll need to bring your own surf board.

Kite boarding

Head to Breakas Beach and Mele Bay on Hideaway Island for the best wind and wave conditions.


Everywhere is good around Port Vila; the reef around Hideaway Island and behind Iririki Island offers excellent coral reefs teeming with numerous tropical fish.


The waters around Vanuatu are perfect for sailing with a variety of cruising options: relax on a sunset cruise, choose between half- or full-day cruises or longer sailing from Port Vila on Efate and Luganville on Santo.

Game fishing

Hook up a charter for a few hours or longer to chase down sailfish, black, blue and striped marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo, albacore or big eye tuna. A range of boats keep the action going year round including multiple day and live-aboard trips to some of the more remote fishing locations.


Vanuatu is a hiker’s paradise with trails leading through a variety of scenic landscapes, many of which are relatively untouched by western influences.

Follow tracks through kauri and cloud forests filled with colourful orchids and tropical birds on Espiritu Santos; hike to the beautiful Mele Cascades on Efate Island to see a series of waterfalls that tumble into a wide, clear pool, just 12km from Port Vila; and wander across the ash plain on Ambrym Island to visit active volcanos.

Or hike to Siri Falls and the orange-tinged Lake Letas, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Pacific on Gaua Island.


Vanuatu offers a great mix of road and off-road trails that wind through rainforest and coconut plantations, alongside rivers and cattle farmland and along scenic coastal roads.

Around Port Vila, it’s easy to rent a bike and discover great hilltop views over the harbour as well as gorgeous beaches just a short bike ride away.

Horse riding

Saddle up for a horseback ride through picturesque hills, along rainforest trails and to golden beaches, where you can even go swimming on horseback.

Island indulgence

Escape the main islands by hiring a seaplane for a day of romantic solitude on the pristine white sands of a secluded atoll.

Bring a hamper of your favourite foods and a couple of bottles of champagne – your pilot will return whenever you ask.


Woven and wood handicrafts make the best buys.

Latest update: Things to do in Vanuatu: 13 January, 2023