Budget Tips for Your Honeymoon

After you’ve selected your honeymoon style and destination, it’s time to fine-tune your budget.


Honeymoon couple on Long Island, Seychelles

Long Island, Seychelles - Image courtesy of North Island Resort

Honeymoon budget tips

Consider our money saving tips below for more ways of getting the most out of your honeymoon.

Them check out our Honeymoon Budget Worksheet to help you determine how much money you need and how much money you can spend.


Watch out for discount airfares or hotel rooms – there are some great deals to be found. Ask your travel consultant to check for you.

Also, ask about resorts that offer the best free amenities or perks for honeymooners. Or better still, check online specials. Consider destinations with lower off-season rates.


Frequent flyer miles, hotel points, car rental points, time-shares… Ask family members if they have some spare points they can give you to help reduce your honeymoon costs. These points could even make a great wedding gift?

All-inclusive or not?

You can often save money at all-inclusive resorts. Most packages include your food, beverages and some activities, but these can vary widely. If you drink alcohol, find out how much is included.

Some resorts limit the types of drinks they offer for free, so you may have a limited selection of beer, wine or cocktails. If you are a food connoisseur you may be disappointed, as selections can be limited.

Regardless of where you stay, consider bringing along some bottles of your favourite wine and spirits, or buying locally.

Credit or not?

Consider when you have to pay for the trip. Is it all up-front or can you make monthly payments to have it paid off before you leave?


Some family traditions have a money dance or a money hat that is passed around for extra money for you on your honeymoon. If this tradition works, take advantage of it!


A honeymoon registry is a great way to have certain expenses such as dinners or excursions paid for by your guests.


Don’t go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe for your honeymoon, unless you can afford it. For specialised items such as skiing jackets or boots, shop around or ask a friend or family member if you can borrow theirs


If you don’t have luggage already, borrow it from friends or family.


Food can become very expensive on holidays. Unless it’s not a worry, try to stay away from room service or the hotel mini-bar.

Instead, pack a small bag with wine, coffee and creamers and munchies you may like while you’re relaxing in your hotel room or by the pool. This could save a lot of money you can then use to splurge on other luxuries!

Phone calls

Hotel phones are expensive. Find an online centre or internet café and fire off a quick email to friends and family to let them know you arrived safely. Or, if you really must talk to anyone other than each other, invest in a prepaid phone card for the best rates.


Don’t waste money on something you’ll want to throw away in a year’s time. Be selective. Look for something special that you’ll want to keep forever and that will remind you of an unforgettable honeymoon.

Latest update about honeymoon planning tips: 14 October, 2019

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