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Do you have a style or theme for your honeymoon?

Are you daydreaming of the perfect honeymoon, one where you can totally lose yourself in each other . . . a honeymoon where everything you dream off comes true?

Of course you are! You want the perfect romantic honeymoon that will leave you with memories you’ll cherish forever!

A dream honeymoon begins with great planning and a good understanding of what you and your fiancé really want. Here are some tips, suggestions and ideas for making your romantic getaway even more blissful and perfect for you and your loved one.

What’s your theme . . . what really appeals to you?

Just because your fiancé has often said he would love to backpack the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, doesn’t mean he’ll want to do that immediately after the wedding.

Perhaps you prefer to explore a romantic city such as Paris or Venice or enjoy lazy days on a gorgeous tropical island. Think it through and plan ahead before jumping into reservations and bookings. Take some time to consider what you and your fiancé's honeymoon styles really are.


Do you . . .

Love the sun?

Is heaven for you a sunny day on a gorgeous white-sand beach? Could you spend your life in a bathing suit on a resort island? Your choices for a magical sunny honeymoon are endless . . . Fiji, Maui, the Caribbean, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Moorea and Bora Bora in French Polynesia . . . the list just rolls on and on into the sunset.

Love luxury?

Are your honeymoon daydreams filled with images of five-star pampering, endless champagne, ornate spas, seven-course meals and swanky shopping? In that case the world is your oyster, with secluded tropical islands, mountain retreats and 5-star luxury beach resorts and glitzy city hotels that will surely pamper you on a dreamy luxurious honeymoon.

Seek adventure?

Do you see your honeymoon as an opportunity to base jump off the Eiffel Tower, snowboard or ski in British Colombia or hold hands while white water rafting the Oxenbridge Tunnel in New Zealand? If so, don’t forget to pack your protective headgear, a supply of oxygen and your parachute, because every conceivable adventure activity on this planet is just a short plane ride away.

Choose from an array of exciting outdoor honeymoon adventures, including cycling, scuba diving, kayaking, white water rafting, surfing and trekking for a honeymoon of a lifetime.

Or perhaps you may prefer to exlore an exotic rainforest, see wildlife on a safari, fly fisha remote river, hike across some romantic highlands or tee-off at the world's best golf courses?

Love to relax?

Do you seek peace and tranquillity? Could you spend long, contemplative hours sipping your favourite cocktail poolside and then staring at a star-filled sky as a balmy sea breeze carries your cares away? Turn leisure into an art form on your perfect leisure honeymoon at a fabulous tropical beach resort, on a luxury cruise, at a mountain retreat or take a long and romantic train journey.

Or perhaps you are a . . .

Sightseeing fanatic?

Are you kind of person who gets kicked out of museums at closing time, visits every sight and takes a million photos? Well if you thrive on ancient wonders and archeological sites or new places to visit, your choice of sightseeing-rich honeymoon destinations is overwhelming. For starters you can choose from most of Europe’s capital cities, plus you have temple ruins in stunning locations such as Greece and Turkey, as well as the ancient civilisations of South America for an inspiring sightseeing honeymoon.

Entertainment guru?

If you love to party, then exciting cities such as Las Vegas, New York, London or Paris could be your honeymoon destination of choice. For those of you who enjoy a great show or movie, gambling, dancing, dining out and just generally a great night out on the town, you’ll need a high-energy city to satisfy your needs.

Food lover?

Do you love to cook? More importantly, do you love to eat? Does the idea of shopping for fresh produce in quaint little markets put a smile on your face? Do you dream of exploring regions where the world’s best cuisine is artfully grown, cooked and served?

Perhaps yours will be a gastronomically-inspired honeymoon in Thailand, France, Turkey, Mexico or some other magical country where cooking and eating is a national pastime.

You can also try our Honeymoon Quiz for more ideas to discover what you really want to do on your honeymoon!

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