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Honeymoon Romance Tips

Here are a few tips to make your romantic honeymoon absolutely unforgettable.

Make your arrival an occasion

Once you make those first moments alone together memorable, you’ll set the romantic tone for the whole trip.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

• Have a bottle of champagne waiting in your room – if you don’t drink, you could consider having fresh strawberries and cream, or, if your budget runs to it, caviar on blinis (whole-wheat pancakes)

• Have rose petals scattered on the floor and over the bed

• Surprise your new husband with sexy lingerie under your clothes… as he opens that bottle of champagne…

At the time of booking, have your travel consultant advise the hotel that you’re newly weds. At this point you can make special requests, and as a rule, the hotel will throw in a few surprises of their own.

What to pack…

Something fabulous (read sexy) – Something that no one else sees except your lover. Some stunning lingerie in his (or your) favourite colour will take his breath away.

Attractive clothes – From a slinky bikini to a stylish dinner outfit that screams ‘look at me!’. Wear clothes that enhance your shape and make you feel attractive, stylish and sexy for your partner.

Something comfortable – Shoes and clothes. Remember you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking around, exploring the beach and discovering new sights. Along with your striking stilettos, make sure you pack your worn-in sneakers. The last thing you want is blisters and sore feet.

And if you do plan to buy new shoes for your honeymoon, it’s probably best to wear them in before the big trip. Make sure you pack some loose and comfortable pants for some of your more adventurous outings.

Something special…

Enjoy a special meal – Hire a chopper, fly to a deserted atoll and be marooned for a few hours in blissful solitude, relaxing with a private champagne picnic!

Or perhaps get dressed up and wine and dine in style at your resort. Pick a great location on the terrace, preferably with a magnificent view.

Take a little time to plan ahead – meet with the restaurant manager to make sure you get the right combination of ambience and food.

Spoil yourself – Feel good, look good. Consider a spa package for two. Many resorts and cruise ships now offer special full-day massage and body treatments for honeymooners.

Some spas even offer a teaching course, giving you and your partner the opportunity to relax and care for one another in your own time and place.

Keep the romance flowing – There’s more to romance than the ‘Do not disturb’ sign. It’s easy to spice up your honeymoon evenings. Be creative; think about what will put a smile on your partner’s face. Why not try a bubble bath in your room with massage oils and your favourite romantic music (think Barry White).

Here’s an idea… – Do you love a candlelit room scattered with rose petals? Want to have that every night? If so, invest in silk rose petals that are light, easy to carry and don’t spoil after a day or stain the bedspread or carpet. Arrange with housekeeping to scatter them around your room every evening for endless romance.

Be smart…

If you want to enjoy a couple of margaritas (or more) around noon, be smart and sip them in the shade. There’s nothing worse than a hangover combined with sunburn to dampen your romantic honeymoon.

Also, be careful of what you eat on the street. Unless it is hot and cooked in front of you, some roadside foods are best avoided. Food poisoning is another honeymoon no-no.

Don’t over-plan – Sure you’re in an exciting new place, but don’t overdo it. Relax and enjoy your time together. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a lazy afternoon siesta after lunch!

Surprise, surprise – Have fun and say “I love you!” with a handful of surprises throughout your honeymoon. Here are a few ideas:

• Champagne, rose petals and a gift basket of decadent bath products on arrival

• A love poem or a ‘Why I love you’ note left on your lover’s pillow

• A surprise breakfast, lunch or dinner with his or her favourite delicacies . . . in bed

• A thoughtful gift such as stylish new sunglasses, a sexy new bikini or a fabulous leather travel bag

• Does your fiancé love cooking? How about a surprise cooking class or an activity such as parasailing or surfing?

• A surprise picnic. Honeymoon destinations are rich in secluded spots for romantic getaways, from beaches to quiet mountain lakes. Even in the city, a picnic by the banks of a river overlooking the city lights can make for an unforgettable romantic evening.

Latest update: Romantic Honeymoon Tips: 31 December, 2018

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