Stress-Free Honeymoon Travel Tips

Photo right: Unwinding in Fiji - Photo courtesy of Fiji Visitors Bureau

Unwinding in Fiji

Stress-free honeymoon tips

Make the most of your first trip together as a married couple with these travel tips to help you have a stress-free honeymoon.


Take care of those household responsibilities by planning early. If you’re planning a long trip make sure you put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your letterbox, cancel the daily morning newspaper and have your local post office hold all mail for you. Or have a family friend or relative come around to gather it all up for you. Reserve a place for any pets with family or a kennel.

Pack well but lightly

Avoid heavy, awkward-to-handle bags. Bring only what you need and plan ahead carefully.

Shout the good news

“It’s our honeymoon!” Everyone loves a couple in love so let everyone – your travel consultant, flight attendant, concierge and tour guide – know right away! Hotels, restaurants and even some airlines are well known for spoiling honeymooners with freebies and upgrades, so make sure they get the message. You never know what they may shower you with . . . free champagne, a better suite, an upgrade to first class . . . anything is possible.

Enjoy the trip

Let’s face it, even on a honeymoon you may find yourself disagreeing on the best way to get somewhere. To have a positive adventure, stay cool, be calm, patient and keep your sense of humour intact. But if tensions run high, take a break. Find a bar or cafe to have a drink, relax or go for a swim.

It’s good to rest

Crossing several time zones to your honeymoon escape can be exhausting and even a short trip can be tiring after the big wedding day. That’s perfectly normal so don’t be shy about needing extra hours of sleep. Take time to snooze by the pool or enjoy a long siesta in bed after lunch.

Stay safe

It’s easy to forget, but don’t be a target for thieves. Use the hotel safe for all your valuables – tickets, passports, travellers cheques and cash. Plan ahead when you go out and take only what you need. Leave the bulging wallet behind in the safe and carry only a small amount of cash. A credit card can fit easily and safely into your front jeans pocket or even into the change pocket in your swimming suit (and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet!)

Travel insurance

You never know what corner fate will turn. As the old saying goes: It’s better to be safe than sorry. Travel insurance offers you protection if you have to cancel your honeymoon due to unforeseen circumstances and also protects you against theft and damage to property.

You will also receive medical cover and emergency assistance for other unforeseen accidents. Don’t leave home without it!
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