Honeymoon Timing Tips

As you plan your honeymoon, keep in mind there are things you can and can’t control such as the weather, events and pricing, among others. Here are some tips to get you started.


Honeymoon couple on Long Island, Seychelles

Long Island, Seychelles - Image courtesy of North Island Resort

Top honeymoon timing tips

Ensure you are taking your honeymoon at the best possible time with these tips and insights…

The weather

Carefully consider and research the weather and season in your perfect honeymoon destination.

Just because it’s summer in the southern hemisphere doesn’t mean you’ll find hot sunny days in the northern hemisphere; in fact it’s quite the opposite!

And what if the week you plan to jet off to your tropical island paradise coincides with the local monsoon season?

Snuggling up to your lover under your thatched bungalow roof listening to torrential rain lashing the palm trees may sound romantic, but will it still feel that way after several days?

The better you align local weather forecasts with your travel plans, the more likely your romance will burn brightly.

Here's a guide to good weather destinations around the world.

Events to avoid

Are there are any large events scheduled for your planned romantic getaway destination? It's best to find out, as they may not be ideal.

Picture this: you and your partner relaxing on the beach with cocktails in hand, while an international rap music contest takes place in the background, complete with loud music and bus loads of partying fans.

Unless you're both rap fans, this may not be what you had in mind. Have your travel consultant check any event schedules before locking in dates.

Events to enjoy

There are however some amazing festivals and events all over the world that may serve to heighten the enjoyment of your honeymoon. You can choose anything from food and wine festivals to art and music festivals.

For example, jazz fans can look out for the Thredbo Yalumba Jazz Festival – three days of great jazz, food, wine and mountains of fun in Australia! Or, if you're planning an overseas honeymoon, try the Montreux Jazz Festival held each summer in Switzerland. The choice is yours!

Seasonal rates

Most destinations have high and low seasons. There’s usually a reason for this. The majority of high seasons are arranged to coincide with school holidays, and on the very day the kids head back to school the prices often drop significantly.

By planning in advance and travelling either side of the high season, you can secure better rates for your perfect honeymoon (not to mention avoid the hoards of holidaying children!).

Family events

Are there any momentous family events to consider when planning the timing of your honeymoon?

Your brother may not mind if you miss his 25th birthday bash, but you may want to stick around for your grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary. Confirm important dates with your family so you don’t accidentally plan your honeymoon at the same time.

Stay true to yourself

Don’t feel pushed into doing something you don’t want to do. There’s no rule book that says you’ve got to go on honeymoon immediately after the wedding. You may want to take a few days to relax, open presents and write thank-you notes.

And consider the seasons: maybe a colourful spring wedding suits you best, or a winter honeymoon to indulge your passion for skiing. This is your life and your honeymoon, so plan what works best for you as a couple and you’ll have no regrets!

Latest update about honeymoon timing tips: 14 October, 2019

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