Top 10 Benefits of a Destination Wedding

Right photo: Destination wedding at Matangi Island, Taveuni Island, Fiji - Photo courtesy of Matangi Private Island Resort

Wedding at Matangi Private Island Resort, Taveuni Island, Fiji

Destination wedding benefits

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular . . . and why not? Combining wedding vows with an idyllic honeymoon venue provides the simplicity of one coordinated wedding-honeymoon package.

One plan, one price and one destination means one big romantic adventure! That’s one good reason to escape to an exotic hideaway for the ultimate in wedding romance.

There are many benefits to this type of wedding: all the organisational hassles are taken out of your hands, plus there are many potential financial savings – a lot of resorts offer free wedding packages and you are essentially combining a wedding and honeymoon in one.

To help you decide whether a destination wedding is right for you, here are the top ten benefits to consider:
  1. Amazing choice of destinations. Experience anything from tropical islands and secluded mountain retreats to five-star hotels in cities worldwide

  2. More time to spend in a dream destination of your choice

  3. Family and friends also get to travel to an amazing place, turning your wedding into an exciting adventure for them as well

  4. The cost of the wedding and honeymoon are one, simplifying your budgeting

  5. An overseas wedding can be less expensive than one at home, depending on the type of wedding you choose

  6. A destination wedding relieves you and your family (and possibly friends) of hosting duties such as airport pickups, putting-up out-of-town guests, hosting dinners etc.

  7. A once-in-a-lifetime experience

  8. Many resorts and hotels at popular wedding destinations have qualified professional staff with years of experience providing the best possible time for you, your family and friends

  9. The opportunity of having a small and intimate wedding. You decide who’s coming!

  10. The chance to ‘elope’ and do your own thing!

Drawbacks of a destination wedding

1. Fewer guests

– You may end up with fewer guests as some of your friends and relatives may not be able to get the time off work to join you on your wedding day. Also, some of your guests may not be able to afford the cost of overseas travel to your dream-wedding destination!

2. Is it legal?

– You may want a church wedding, but the ceremony may not be legally recognised in your country of residence. Or the laws of the country may not permit the religious ceremony of a non-resident. In this case, so you might have to have compromise and have a civil ceremony followed by a blessing.

3. Correct Documents

–  Different countries have different requirements, so you will need to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation before you get married abroad. But generally, this is not as tedious as it seems!

4. Minimum Residency

– There may be a minimum residency stay before you can get married. This often varies between countries.
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