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Right photo: Wedding couple at Yasawa Island Resort, Fiji - Photo courtesy of Yasawa Island Resort

Yasawa Island Resort, Fiji

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Some frequently asked questions about destination weddings.

How long will I need to be in a country before getting married?

Some countries don’t require a couple to spend any time in their country beforehand, whereas others may require you to spend a few days there before the ceremony can take place. If in doubt, check with the embassy of the country where you plan to get married.

Can we get married at any time?

Generally you can get married any time the official marriage celebrant is available, although some countries have restrictions on Sundays and national holidays.

How much notice should I give my guests?

If your wedding is all about the destination and you want your nearest and dearest there, then you should give them at least six months notice in order to save money, book tickets and rooms and prepare. This also gives people time to collaborate and organise group deals were possible.

Can I get away without having a traditional reception?

Absolutely. Having a wedding away from home says to your guests that you’ve chosen against the usual stresses and rules of a traditional wedding; that you’re all about relaxation. A casual pre-wedding cocktail do, after-dinner drinks or a bonfire barbecue on the beach will say more than any mountain of sugar-covered almonds.

What about the honeymoon?

You’ve already travelled this far – don’t go anywhere further! Look upon your honeymoon as an entirely new holiday in the same destination, this time without the pressure of a wedding. Possibly, some of your guests will stay on, so be prepared for a ‘group’ honeymoon. If you’re happy with that, then hey, the more the merrier! If not, make some friendly ground rules that allow you and partner sufficient time alone.

Can the bride travel home under her married name?

Unfortunately not. The bride must travel under her maiden name until she is able to change her Australian passport into her married name.

Will my marriage be valid in Australia?

Most overseas weddings are legal in Australia, although you should always double check with the relevant authorities before you leave.
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