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A destination wedding offers a lot of choice in destination and theme. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Tropical beach weddings

One of the most popular and well catered for by most luxury resorts and hotels in Australia and around the world. Often comes with a choice of theme; yours or theirs. Very practical as you can simply roll from wedding mode into honeymoon mode without ever leaving your idyllic island or romantic beach location.
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Mountain weddings

Great at any time of year but worth considering at winter for the crisp fresh air, beautiful mountain scenery and freshly powdered snow beneath your feet as you say your marriage vows. In the northern hemisphere this is a perfect way to welcome in the New Year, and as people are generally on holiday between Christmas and the New Year, it’s also a convenient time for all your family and friends.

Desert weddings

For many the desert contains an air of mystery. What better way to share that ‘frontier experience’ with friends and family than in a desert wedding with a rugged backdrop of red sand, stunning ranges and awesome colours? Australia’s Northern Territory offers several resorts that can answer your every wish for a combined frontier type wedding and honeymoon.

Vineyard weddings

If you love fine wine sipped in a rustic setting then consider a wedding at a vineyard or in wine country. In the US, California is well known for such a wedding. In Australia many resorts within major wine growing areas such as the Margaret River, Hunter Valley and the Mornington Peninsula offer specialised wedding facilities. What could be better than getting married in a vineyard and then spending your honeymoon tasting the region’s fine wines day after day?

Cruise weddings

A wedding at sea … how romantic is that? Many cruise lines offer affordable wedding packages. Ask your travel consultant for prices; do the maths and you may be presently surprised. Be aware however that if you decide on a luxury liner, the cost may be a lot for some guests and perhaps more than some can afford.  However, for a romantic elopement (perhaps with a couple of your closest friends) this could be the romantic wedding-honeymoon of a lifetime.

Castle weddings

Although you may have to go to Europe for this style of wedding, the romance of getting married in a medieval castle and feeling like a real-life princess (or prince!) could be hard to beat. There’s a wide choice: many castles in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England offer lavish theme weddings in magnificent surroundings.

Europe has a host of castles offering similar facilities in romantic destinations such as France, Germany, Spain and Italy. If you were already considering a European honeymoon, this could make for an unforgettable wedding-honeymoon romantic getaway.

Latest update on honeymoon & wedding destinations: 14 October, 2019
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