Horseshoe Bay Beach

Unwind on this wide, 550m-long crescent of pink sand that curves around a charming bay framed by bush-clad rocky headlands.

An adjoining beach set in a sheltered cove with shallow waters offers perfect conditions for small children.

Set beneath the grassy landscape of South Shore Park, Horseshoe Bay is a favourite of locals and has a good range of facilities that isn’t found on other public beaches, including changing rooms, toilets, showers, lifeguards and a snack bar (the Horseshoe Bay Beach Café), from which you can hire umbrellas, sun loungers and snorkelling equipment.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is probably the busiest on the island and subsequently often features outdoor concerts and other social events.

If you wish to escape the crowds, follow trails that wind through the beachside park to several nearby cliff-framed coves fringed by secluded pink-sand beaches: try Peel Rock Cove, Wafer Rocks Beach and Chaplin and Stonehole bays to the east or Port Royal Cove to the west.

Horseshoe Bay is located on South Road in Southampton Parish. Take bus number 7 from Southampton or Hamilton.

Latest update: Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda: 14 May, 2022